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My Psychic Search, Tucson, AZ /

Welcome to My Psychic Search. I interview people with psychic abilities to find out what they do, how they do it, and what they know. I share their stories, and everything else I am learning, with you.
What do psychics do? Every person works a bit differently. Many psychics communicate with Spirit Guides, angels, and loved ones to bring messages to us. Other psychics predict the future, provide inspirational messages, communicate with the dead, connect with animals, and/or help with healing.

Psychics provide personal readings, channel broadly-themed messages, teach classes, counsel, coach, and do energy work. You can read more about their work on the page, "What do Psychics Do?"

Psychics act like radios, picking up frequencies and hearing messages. My Psychic Search Project is like an amplifier, rebroadcasting these ideas to a wider audience.

How does this Project work? I interview people with psychic abilities to learn as much as I can. I have readings and try different modalities. I listen to channeled messages, find the most useful points, and write about them. I visit spiritual communities. Then, I tell you everything.

Since 2008, I have interviewed 37 psychics, Intuitives, readers, healers and energy workers about their lives and their work. After 26 interviews, I wrote My Psychic Search: discovering what psychics do, what psychics know, and how they can help us improve our lives. This book answers questions about life, love, and how the Universe works. It is the book I always wanted to read.

Many of the fascinating interviews have been uploaded as Psychics Speak e-books. They are a resource for anyone who wants to know what it is like to be psychic, or wants to understand what psychics know.

Where do you begin to take advantage of this research? Start with the blogs. The archives go back more than eight years. If you want to read the information in a logical, organized manner, read the book. Then, if you want to know more about a particular Intuitive, read their personal interview as an e-book.

Check out the website pages for tips on finding reliable readers, a list of the Psychics who have been interviewed, detailed information on what psychics do, and a page devoted to Chakra-Balancing Jewelry.

We live in a magical world of energy. Spirit Guides, angels, and loving souls support our journey. We co-create our personal worlds. This website is a safe place to investigate and share all that we are learning.

I love hearing from you. If you have questions or comments, send an e-mail to me at

My Psychic Search can be Your Psychic Search.

Gail Kushner

Radio Interviews
This is a link to my interview on Jesse Ann Nichols George's show on blogtalkradio.
This is a link to my interview on Aloha Healing Women's radio show. 

Find the latest Blog Posts: "Anchoring Energy," "Human Consciousness" and "Randy Reaches out from The Other Side" by clicking here.

If this website stops working (happens occasionally), I will post the blogs at If you can't find the blogs on this site, check the other site.

"Psychics Speak: The Individual Interviews"

Read, in their own words, the life stories of people with psychic ability. Find out how people discovered they were psychic, what life is like as a psychic, and how people use their gifts to help others. "Psychics Speak" presents each psychic's individual story in wonderful detail. 

The first 31 interviews are now available as short Kindle e-books. More information is available on the "Psychics Speak" page of this website. 


Gail Kushner and her book
My Psychic Search Book

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Thanks to everyone who is participating in this project!

I am also a working Tucson artist. Click here to view "Wild Girls!" at my Kushner's Kreations website!

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