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Psychics Speak, The Individual Interviews

When "Psychics Speak," they have a lot to say

Compilations of the "Psychics Speak" interviews

If you had the time, would you want to know everything? If you could work it into your schedule, would you want to know the future, understand life lessons, and develop a greater understanding of how the universe works? Psychics Speak: The Individual Interviews provides wisdom in 30-minute increments. These short Kindle e-books present the life experiences and knowledge of individual psychics.

Since 2008, I have interviewed fascinating people. Psychics Speak presents the individual interviews I have conducted with psychics, Intuitives, energy workers, and healers. These conversations reflect the true experiences of people who are working on the frontlines to assist others, and who are willing to speak publicly about their gifts. Psychics are real people who are working through their own personal issues while exploring an invisible world of knowledge and energy.

The interviews started off with basic information and grew richer and more complex. I don't know if this is because of some grand design, or because as I learned more, I asked more-sophisticated questions. If you find you are interested in one person's story, you may also be intrigued by other stories.

It only takes 30 minutes (maybe a bit more for the newer/longer ones) to read about one person's intuitive experiences and see how their connection to universal truths can assist you on your journey of self-discovery.

No time to read a whole book? Each story can be read in about 30 minutes.
Not a lot of money? They are just 99 cents each.
No Kindle? No problem. Download the Kindle app for your PC, tablet or phone.

So far, I have interviewed 36 people with psychic, intuitive, and/or healing abilities. I am making their stories available one at a time through

The first e-book interviews are with:

1) Patricia Kirkman: Patricia is a Numerologist, Astrologer and Intuitive who has been providing psychic readings in Tucson, Arizona, since 1994. She helps people find a roadmap to their lives. Find Patricia's interview in the Kindle store.

2) Cecilia Nemmers: Cecilia is a psychic and a Medium who communicates with a group of Spirit Guides. They talk about personal and global issues, and her Guides have provided information about the future. The Guides have emphasized the need for all of us to pull together to make it through these turbulent years. Cecilia often uses palm reading when she works with clients. Palm reading opens the client's energy field so she can access their information. You can find her interview on the Kindle site.

3) Cynthia Rae: Cynthia had a near-death experience as she was being born and has always "known" things. Later, she had another near-death experience which expanded her gift. Then, in the early 1990s, Cynthia trained as a massage therapist and began receiving intuitive messages as she worked on clients. She found that she was able to help people heal themselves. You can find Cynthia's interview in the Kindle store.

4) Beth Hays: Beth spent years working as a Flower Essence Practitioner. She found that flower essences could help people achieve their goals. Not familiar with flower essences? In this interview, Beth explained how she developed the essences from Santa Catalina Mountain wildflowers, and how this process was guided by flower angels. You can read Beth's story as a Kindle e-book.

5) Gina Stanfill: As a child, Gina saw spirits and had other-worldly friends. At night, she astral-traveled to the house down the street and played with spirits. She thought she was crazy. It wasn't until Gina was an adult that she understood that she had intuitive abilities. Gina can read a client's energy and tell them if their energy is going to take them where they want to go. She helps people see their choices. Gina's story is also available in the Kindle store.

6) Leah Taylor: Leah is a full-service psychic. She sees the past, present and future. She communicates with Spirit Guides and with each client's soul. She brings messages from deceased friends and relatives, and she does trance channeling. In addition, with help from her Guides, Leah can diagnose and heal ailments. Her interview is now available in the Kindle store.

7) Richard Schickel: Richard is a Psychic, a Medium, a Medical Intuitive, and a Healer. He had three near-death experiences before, in his 40s, his psychic abilities fully opened. Now, he helps people remember their past lives, deal with current issues, diagnose medical conditions and recover from ailments. Richard came from a Catholic background and understands that he has the "Gifts of Spirit" which are outlined in First Corinthians. Richard was the first psychic who talked to me about demons, devils, exorcisms, and suicide. Click here to find Richard's story.

8) To-Ree'-Nee' Wolf: To-Ree'-Nee' is an Energy Tracker. She can trace energy backwards in time to see how issues arose. Then, she can find the highest, best energy for her clients and help them to make informed choices. She believes that people create their future with every step they take. Click here to find her Kindle e-book.

9) Erik Von Assman: Erik is an empath, a Tarot card reader, a Reiki Master, and a Spiritual Counselor. Being an empath means that Erik actually feels what his clients feel. Even though he is able to provide Tarot card readings, Erik prefers to help people through spiritual counseling and energy work. When Erik does Reiki, he sees the whole body as an energy matrix and he tries to align it. Erik's interview is also in the Kindle store.

10) Cherie Fraine: Cherie is a Psychic and a Reiki Master. She also takes people on Shamanic Journeys so that they can have their own psychic experiences. In the 1970s, Cherie went through a testing process and was certified as 95% - 100% accurate. In this interview, Cherie discusses the difference between "spirit time" and "people time," and explains how she uses Tarot cards to determine the timing of future events. Cherie noted that many people with psychic abilities are here as volunteers to help other people get to the place where they won't have to come back anymore. Find her interview on Kindle.

11) Trish Silay: As a child, Trish had intuitive abilities, but she was told that they were just her imagination. She tried to live a "normal" life, but never felt that she fit in. As an adult, Trish discovered the One Brain system which helped her integrate both sides of her brain. As soon as she began using both sides of her brain, she was able to connect to her Higher Self. Now, when working with clients, Trish feels as if she is an open vessel. She can connect to her client's physical, mental, emotional, or essence self, in order to assist their healing. Trish uses the One Brain system to help her clients clear their own issues. Trish's story is on

12) Laurie Hays: Laurie channels messages from Spirit. When she reads for clients, words tumble out of her mouth, and the words pick up speed. Laurie has no time to think twice about what she says. She finds that it isn’t necessary for her to understand the tumbling words. The clients understand the messages. Laurie is also a Chaplain and a clear spiritual channel. Her work changes lives. Her interview can be found on

13) Kat Riegel: Kat is an Animal Communicator. She helps people and their animals to have better communication. People often come to Kat when they are having a problem with their animal and they are not sure what to do. By looking at a picture of the animal, Kat can ask the animal what is going on, and relay that information to the client. She thinks of herself as an animal interpreter. Kat connects with living animals and with animals who have passed on. Find her story here.

14) Marta Taylor: Marta's life was a mosaic of travel, family, health, illness, and intuition. Throughout her life, she received intuitive insights. She also had several near-death experiences. But, when I asked for her perspective on these various adventures, all she could say was, "I don't know. I just don't know." Marta's story illustrates how we weave our sensitivity to energy into the fabric of our lives, while trying to make sense of it all. You can read Marta's interview as a Kindle e-book.

15) Jeff Sonnenburg: Jeff is very smart and highly intuitive. He has two Master's Degrees, works in the financial field, and sees the future. He rarely provides psychic readings these days, but he had been doing readings for 23 years when I interviewed him in 2009. Jeff very clearly hears voices which highlight important issues. This short interview presents several aspects of psychic ability which were new to me. This is the link to Jeff's interview.

16) Rhonda Gibony' Harford: Rhonda is a "gifted" astrologer. Working with the dates and times of a client's birth, she can tell them about their life. One reason she considers herself to be gifted is because, sometimes, when working with a client, she can see and hear an Ascended Master who brings additional information for the client. Update: Since our interview in 2009, Rhonda's psychic abilities have become more profound. Now, information comes to her with more strength and clarity than ever before. Rhonda can feel the information, and her strengthened abilities make her a more-effective reader. Find Rhonda's e-book on

17) Raquel Spencer: Raquel is a Spiritual Teacher, Multi-Dimensional Energy/Light Specialist, and facilitator. She believes that spiritual awakening is both an energetic and a physical process. She works with clients to help them remember who they are: Divine Beings of Light. Raquel's journey began in 1985 after waking from an unexplained medical trauma which left her in an unconscious state for more than five weeks. This experience prepared her for the spiritual work she was to complete in this lifetime. While in this expanded (yet unconscious) state, her physical and energetic bodies were encoded with information which she agreed to bring through to assist with the awakening of humanity. You can find her story here.

18) Denise Singerline Foster: Denise is a Medium, a Reiki Master, and a Chakra-Balancing Specialist. She was born with sight and, as a child, knew what people were thinking and feeling. At night, spirits came to her. Denise couldn't understand what was going on, or how to handle it, until she was 17 and met a woman who explained that she was psychic. This teacher helped Denise learn to manage and develop her gifts so that she could help people. Now, Denise is a wonderful healer. You can find her story as a Kindle e-book by clicking here.

19) Delphina Nova: Delphina is intuitive and works as a Spiritual Advisor. She sees and perceives what is happening with people, the environment, and the world. When clients come to Delphina, she may help them with spiritual counseling or hands-on healing. Either way, she tries to get to the root cause of the symptoms. Sometimes Delphina hears a still, small, nurturing voice which guides her. She calls it her Higher Self, the Divine Voice of G-d, or the voice of the Divine Creator. She lives her life guided by this nurturing voice of unconditional love. Interested? Her e-book can be found here.

20) Marianne Patyk: Marianne is a Medium. As a child, she had seizures and was diagnosed with epilepsy. At that time, people who had crossed over would visit with her. Later in life, her gifts faded away until, in her 40s, she had a traumatic experience which re-opened her ability to communicate with the deceased. Epilepsy, brain trauma, and life trauma, have combined to make Marianne a very accurate Medium. You can read Marianne's interview as a Kindle e-book.

21) Jackie Chin: Jackie is a Psychic Advisor who can answer a client's question by going backwards in time to discover the initial spark of energy, the initial distress, which caused the situation to arise. Everything has a beginning, a middle, and an end. Once she has information about the initial event, Jackie can move into her client's current energy and uncover the answers the person seeks.

Jackie has provided psychic readings for more than 30 years. Since our interview in 2010, Jackie has developed "Zombiepalooza," a highly-popular Internet radio show. You can find Jackie's interview on

22) Gigi Sample: Gigi works with teachers and healers to uncover their life purpose. She believes that we are in the Aquarian Age, which is about the waking up of humanity. This is the lifetime we have all been waiting for. Gigi calls this lifetime a "past-life teacher reunion" because every teacher from a past lifetime is here to make this shift. People are waking up and shifting. Teachers have to figure things out first so that they can help others. Everyone has a special role to play.

When I interviewed Gigi in 2010, she was traveling the country reading for clients. Now, she has settled in Sedona, Arizona, where she has a thriving metaphysical practice. You can find Gigi's interview by clicking here.

23) Cyndi Clarke: Cyndi is a reverend, a psychic, and a metaphysical teacher who works with psycho-kinetic energy. This kind of energy is used in a form of spiritual work known as "table tipping." This is the same energy which powers pendulums and, in some cases, can be used for healing. Cyndi uses her psychic abilities to see and hear the entities who wish to communicate with her students. You can find Cyndi's e-book interview, by clicking here

24) Jesse Ann Nichols George: Jesse is a 13th generation psychic. On her Compassion Tour, she travels the country holding workshops and events where she helps people learn to connect with their own sources of guidance. When Jesse reads for a client, she may hear 50 voices providing suggestions. She has to sift through all of this advice to provide exactly what the client needs to hear. After several near-death experiences, Jesse has begun her angel training while here on Earth. You can read her interview as a Kindle e-book.

25) Susy Plummer: Susy is a Visionary Artist who lives in Australia. Her entire life, she has been led from one opportunity to another, with each move opening her psychic ability and showing her how to use her gifts to help people. During this interview, Susy demonstrated how her drawings function as psychic readings. Several photos are included along with explanations of how these drawings tap into the spiritual realm and bring forward the information which a client needs to hear. Click here to read her interview as a Kindle e-book. 

26) Aitreyia: Aitreyia is a psychic and a healer. She spent many years working with her psychic gifts before she understood how to integrate the spiritual aspects into her psychic work. She found that the psychic world had difficult energies. Now that she works in the spiritual realm, she is delighted to keep learning, refining her gifts, and helping people. Aitreyia works with angels, Master Teachers, and Spirit Guides. She runs SpiritsChild Metaphysical Gift Shop in Tucson, Arizona. You can find our interview as an e-book, by clicking here.

27) Maryushka: Maryushka is a High Intuitive who integrates Tarot card reading, Kabbalah principles, and healing. As a young adult, she had several intuitive experiences and was told to find a tool to work with in order to refine her psychic abilities. She began working with the Tarot cards. Later, her gift was amplified when an intuitive relative died.

Maryushka has had a lifetime of psychic experiences and healing adventures. She was also swept into a legal challenge which changed Connecticut's laws regarding card readings. Her story ranges from a premonition of the 9/11 tower attacks, to an encounter with Jesus, to an emotional healing in Sedona, Arizona, to a courtroom in Connecticut. A tapestry of connection. You can find her e-book by clicking here.

28) Nancy Parsons: Nancy is a psychic and a Medium. She clearly sees, and communicates with, spirits on the other side. Since childhood, Nancy has experienced spiritual moments. In every phase of her life, a spiritual experience has come forward to help her understand what is happening. Nancy discusses the ups and downs of being psychic, noting that it is a huge responsibility to give people information which may, or may not, change the course of their life. She always works through G-d, accessing what she calls, "The Information Highway," a universal energy field where all information is held. You can find Nancy's interview by clicking here.

29) Gary Wimmer: Gary has been psychic his entire life. Using regular playing cards, he began giving readings in his 20s. Two psychic readings with astrologers confirmed his abilities and let him know that psychic ability would play a large role in his life. Then, early in his 30s, his psychic abilities zoomed out of control and led to a huge, near-death experience which illuminated all the possibilities of a Universal Mind. He saw that every possibility came about because it was part of this Divine Imagination. Through this beautiful experience, he learned not to fear death, or anything else.

In 1980, a woman taught Gary to read stones, a technique called lithomancy. Since then, lithomancy has been his main tool for psychic readings. You can find Gary's e-book interview by clicking here.

30) Melody Krafft: Melody is a Visionary Artist, a Spirit Communicator, a Medium, and a traditional artist. She can clearly see spirits on "the other side." If asked, Melody can sketch these spirits. She reads for clients as a psychic and a Medium, creates Spirit Sketches, teaches, and uses her gifts to assist people with healing. According to Melody, the whole purpose of mediumship is healing. In this interview, Melody explains how she picks up information, how her work is tailored to the needs of each client, why there is no such thing as "bad news," and what happens as we cycle between the physical and non-physical realms.

As a Soul Navigator and teacher, Melody's interdisciplinary approach blends her experience as a psychologist and Medium. She is a member of the "International Absent Healing Team" through the Inner Quest Foundation. Her workshops and guest appearances on the TV show, Love Unleashed, are open invitations to recognize the infinite power and beauty of the soul. She offers private sessions which focus on the journey of the soul. Melody's Kindle e-book can be found by clicking here.

31) Kermie Wohlenhaus: Kermie studies angels. She also works with clients to bring angelic messages to them and to teach them to communicate with their angels. She has an academic background in angel studies, along with direct spiritual experience. Kermie has authored several books about angels and is writing new books based on her intuitive experiences with the Virgin Mary.

In this interview, Kermie talks about what she sees and hears when working with angels. She explains that everyone has a Guardian Angel which is with them from before birth, through life, and through the transition at death. Additional angels also work with each person. Everything has an angel. Every blade of grass has an angel. Every relationship has an angel. There are angels over co-workers, friendships, parents, and children. Angels are ecstatic when people are fulfilling their life purpose.You can find Kermie's e-book by clicking here.


As you read these interviews, you will feel the energy of your heart open. It may take about 30 minutes to read each interview, but they should be savored, not skimmed, to feel the energy expand. Once they are downloaded, you can read them over and over.

While on the Amazon site, check out the e-book version of My Psychic Search: discovering what psychics do, what psychics know and how they can help us improve our lives. The Kindle version is just $4.99. On the site, you can peek inside the book.

Welcome to the world of Spirit Guides, angels and Divine love. I hope you enjoy all of this work!

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