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Tips for the Best Psychic Reading

Tips for Getting the Best Psychic Reading

After making an appointment with a reputable psychic, it would be wise for clients to:

Before the Reading

1) Prepare a list of questions.

It's smart to bring a list of questions. Asking a question opens the energy and allows an answer to be received. One of the psychics pointed out that the Universe answers general questions in a general way. If the clients want to know something in detail, they should ask specific questions.

People might not receive answers to all of their questions, but if they put them in priority order, they should get the answers which are most important to them.

2) Ask the Higher Realms and/or people who have crossed over to assist with the reading.

Before the reading, people can ask the Higher Realms to send answers to their questions. They can also ask for specific souls who have already passed to come through during a sitting. There are no guarantees as to who will show up, but it doesn't hurt to talk to a loved one before a session and ask them to try to come through.

At the Reading

3) Tell the psychic which life areas they want to explore.

At the beginning of the session, the client should tell the psychic about any specific topics he or she wants to discuss. Psychics can talk about a variety of subjects, but they won't know to focus on a specific area, such as health, career, or love, unless the client lets them know that is their area of interest.

However, some psychics prefer to start with "open readings." They provide all the information coming from the client's Guides. Once the client has heard these messages, they can ask questions. Clients can ask psychics in advance how they prefer to work.

4) Come "clean."

Don't drink alcohol or take drugs before a session. People should not have a reading when they are very depressed or suicidal.

5) Bring a voice recorder or a pad of paper and a pen.

People should record the sessions so that they can remember what the reader has told them. In the comfort of their own home, the information may make more sense. They will get the most out of the reading if they take the time to sit down and listen to the voice recording, or review their notes, without distraction.

These days, many smart phones can record sessions.

6) Come alone.

Clients should meet privately with readers. They shouldn't bring friends to the reading because the friend's energy might influence the session. In addition, the client may need privacy to discuss issues which arise during the reading.

7) Come with an open heart and an open mind.

A client should come to a reading with an open heart and an open mind. Being open expands the possibilities. When someone is closed down, it can be difficult for the reader to connect with that person's energy. It's okay to have a healthy skepticism as long as the person is open to the discussion. When a person works with a reader, they should try to make the reading easy for the psychic.

8) Be "active listeners."

Being an active listener means listening without interrupting the reader. Interruptions can disengage the energy with which the psychic works. Check with the reader before the sitting and ask if they prefer to have questions during the session or at the end of the session.

Surprises and insights may shake the listener. They should keep listening. If a deceased relative unexpectedly pops in, they should keep listening. Whatever happens, keep listening.

A client should not latch onto the first idea they hear and allow it to capture their imagination so fully that they don't hear the rest of the reading. They should continue to listen as the reader refines ideas and discusses alternative possibilities.

Similarly, the client should not focus on the one thing that they want to hear. They may miss chunks of information while waiting for a specific message or key word.

If the psychic asks a question, the client should answer quickly and succinctly. They should not keep talking and explaining. It is okay to answer the psychic's questions and confirm information without providing too much additional detail.

If the psychic needs a quiet moment to recognize and relay answers, the client should wait patiently. Some clients talk instead of listening because they are nervous, or they think they need to fill the quiet spaces. It's okay to have a quiet, thoughtful moment.

9) Control emotional overreactions.

If the client doesn't think the information is correct, or doesn't recognize the references in the reading, they should try not to overreact. The psychic can find the client's body language distracting. There will be time to ask questions and refine information after the reader stops speaking.

10) Ask questions.

If a client hears something they don't want to hear, they should ask the psychic how to deal with the situation. Readers see energy potentials. The energy may be going in a certain direction, but people have free will and can make choices which turn the energy in a different direction. There are always multiple possibilities for the future and people can use their free will to influence what will happen. Few things are set in stone.

If clients hear something they don't want to hear, they may be able to take action to prevent the event from occurring, or to minimize the impacts of the event. If they hear something which scares them, they can ask for details or look for ways to improve the situation. Readers are here to help people figure things out.

11) Stay grounded.

During a reading, both the psychic and the client should try to remain grounded so that energy can flow freely. For the client, this means sitting in a chair with their feet flat on the ground. They should not cross their arms or legs because this can affect the energy flow.

After the Reading

12) Schedule time for solitude after the session.

People should leave time afterwards for solitude so they can think about what they have heard and allow time for the energy to heal deeply at their core.


A whole section of My Psychic Search book is devoted to readings.


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