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Self-Publishing a Book

A few people have asked me about the steps I took to self-publish a book. After reading a lot of book-publishing information on-line, and attending several writing conferences, this is how I published My Psychic Search: discovering what psychics do, what psychics know, and how they can help us improve our lives.

How to Self-Publish a Book

Write your book

Edit, edit, edit

Obtain permission to use any quotes which are in your book

Have your manuscript professionally edited

Have a few friends read the book to see what they think

At the same time, build your platform: website, blog, Facebook Author Page, Twitter, GoodReads, etc.

Purchase "your" so that you own it and can re-direct people to your website if your website has a different name

Collect e-mail addresses so you can contact people who are interested in your work

Create a book cover or hire a professional; the cover should look good as a thumbnail sketch because that may be all that people see on

Create the Back Cover with a blurb, a professional photo, a short bio and, if possible, quotes from three experts in the field

Learn how to format your book for printing or hire someone who knows how to do it

Decide if you are going to publish on your own through a service like Lightning Source, or through a print-on-demand service such as CreateSpace

Purchase ISBNs through Bowker (for a printed book, you want your own ISBN)

Sign up for PayPal

Add PayPal to your website so you can sell your book over the Internet

Sign up with so you can sell your book on Amazon

Register your book with the Library of Congress before publishing the book

Create a publishing company name; for example, Kushner's Kreations Press

Publish your book (Woo-hoo! Take time to celebrate this accomplishment!)

After publication:

Register book online with the Copyright Office, costs $35

Send copies to the Library of Congress and to the Copyright Office

Put paperback version on; create an Amazon Author Page

Decide how you are going to do an e-book: format it yourself or hire someone? Are you going to put it on or on all of the e-book distributors?

At a minimum, put e-book on Kindle/Amazon

Try to get reviews on Amazon

Start selling your book by promoting it online and by setting up Book Talks at local bookstores

Send copies to local newspapers, do publicity, see if your local library wants to carry copies. Marketing and promotion ideas are endless. Choose what works for you.

Meanwhile, write the next book. :)


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