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Tips for finding a Psychic

The best way to find a good-quality psychic reader is to ask a friend for a recommendation. People may be surprised to discover how many of their friends have had a reading. Try to find a reader with a genuine gift who knows how to use it wisely. Look for someone who gives information cleanly (not filtered through their own perspective, ego or religious ideas). The information should be presented in an understandable way, using empowering words which help people clearly see situations so they can make their best life choices.

Each reader has a unique working style and personality. It is important to find someone who can convey messages in a way which works for the client.

There are two basic situations where a person might be interested in selecting a psychic: (1) at a psychic fair, where the short readings are a sample of the psychic's work; and (2) when seeking a full personal reading.

In the first situation, the psychic fair, it's best to select the kind of fair where the readers are prescreened for capability. Someone who runs the fair should have tested each psychic to ensure that they are competent. If it's a place where just anyone can set up a table, people need to be a little more cautious about the readers.

Once the psychic fair has been selected, the customer should look around the room and see if they are immediately drawn to anyone. If not, they should look at the list of psychics and see if anyone sparks their interest. Every psychic has unique gifts and talents. If the client wants to connect with a dead relative, they should look for a psychic who is a Medium. If the client is interested in information on past lives, they should look for a psychic who specializes in past-life regressions. Then, if there are choices of Mediums or regressionists, they should base their decision on how they feel about the person. If they feel aligned with the reader, they will probably get a good reading.

If a client is interested in a certain type of tool, they should look for a reader who uses that tool. For example, if they want a reading based on numerology, they should look for a numerologist. If they are interested in a Tarot card reading, they should go to a card reader. However, the tool which is used is often not as important as the reader's ability to connect to unseen information sources.

If a person walks into a psychic fair and doesn't know which reader to select, they should calm themselves down to their center and say, "Whoever feels right, pull me in that direction," and their Spirit Guide will pull them in the right direction. They should select someone who they like, who they feel they can talk to, and who has their best interest at heart. The client should look for an affirmation in their solar plexus indicating that they have selected the correct reader. They should pick someone who helps them feel comfortable.

A person may have to circle the room a couple of times until they find the psychic who resonates with them. It could be as simple as a reader looking up, smiling and making them feel relaxed. Or, it could be someone leaving a reading saying excitedly, "I can't believe what I heard," that makes a new client want to select that reader.

If a person doesn't feel drawn to anyone, they don't have to pick a reader that day.

If someone would like a full psychic reading and is seeking a psychic they have never met, there are several tips for finding a good reader:

1) Ask for a recommendation from a friend who has had a good experience with a reader.

2) Interview several psychics over the phone to see if there is a connection. The reader should talk about their credibility and mention their return rate. The way a person feels when they talk to a reader is important. A client should pick someone they like and respect.

3) Walk away the moment a reader gets bossy, rude, or judgmental, or if the there is some sort of ego involved. Walk away if the psychic asks too many questions. Some psychics ask leading questions and do cold readings; that is a waste of money. If they try to sell something, run!

4) If the first reader isn't great, find someone else. There are many good readers and once a person finds someone they like, they can receive a world of information.

You can find additional tips and information in the book, My Psychic Search: discovering what psychics do, what psychics know, and how they can help us improve our lives. Click here to find out more about the book.



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