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2009 Weblog, Part II

Welcome to My Psychic Search 2009 Blog, Part II.  I started this blog in 2008 so be sure to check out the 2008 page as well as the 2009, Part I page. Enjoy!

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December 28, 2009

Hello! There's been a whirlwind of activity around here and now it's time to get back to work! First, I want to let everyone know that the next Tucson Psychic Fair will be held on Sunday, January 3, 2010 at the Windmill Inn at Campbell Avenue and River Road. I will be there with my Wild Girls! and My Psychic Search information.

Second, I was contacted by a woman in Texas who is developing her psychic abilities and isn't sure what to do or who to contact. She was born with abilities such as clairvoyance, but isn't sure how to move to the next level. Are any of the psychics who read this blog interested in mentoring this woman? Please let me know.

Third, today's blog topic is autism. When I interviewed the psychics, I asked them, Can psychics help communicate with children with autism?

My theory: Children with autism have trouble communicating so, maybe, psychics could contact the children (or their Higher Selves) and help the parents understand what is going on with the children and how to help them.

Asking the question, "Can psychics help communicate with children with autism?" opened a Pandora's box. There were many answers and most of them were positive. Theoretically, it seemed like a good idea, but even the interviewees were cautious about how to find the correct psychics to work with autistic children. The psychics would have to have the right skills and the right temperament. In addition, parents would have to invite the psychics to attempt the communication. No one seemed to think that this was a good idea to thrust upon parents, but if parents were curious, it just might work. One psychic noted that connecting with the children would help the parents more than it helped the children. The children were happy in their own worlds.

"Regular people" are helpful too!
While I was asking about how psychics might be able to help people with autism, I was reminded several times that "regular people" are also able to be of assistance. I was told that people can love adults and children with autism and speak silently to them soul to soul.

One psychic noted that people are teaching sign language to autistic children and it is helping some of the children to communicate because they can communicate without using verbal language. She believed that many parents probably already listened to their children and were able to communicate telepathically with them.

Another psychic added that, in many cases, the people who already worked with autistic children were very sensitive and may have come in with the soul task of assisting these people. They were communicating with the people with autism and a lot of the things they did helped the autistic children.

"No" to psychics
Three psychics told me that they didn't think that it would be helpful to have psychics working in schools for children with autism. One of these psychics told me that he didn't have a personal opinion, but "they" were telling him, "No."

Another psychic responded, "I don't know how I feel about that. Having observed children who don't have language, it may be helpful. However, I think it is presumptuous to think about ‘helping' the family. When someone doesn't have the ability to communicate and a person thinks they can communicate, but may not really be able to do it, it can complicate things. It could be beautiful if it was the right psychic, but I can't think of any psychic who I think would be the right person for that job."

What is autism?
Building on this question of how to assist the parents of autistic children, I asked some of the psychics if they had an intuitive sense as to what autism was or what caused the condition. Here, the answers grew really interesting and, in several cases, similar. This is the caveat: none of us are doctors or psychologists and this information isn't in any way definitive, it is just one more piece to the puzzle of autism. Some of the theories are presented here.

Mirror Neurons
One of the psychics shared a scientific theory that autism has to do with mirror neurons in the brain. When "normal" people see someone crying they know what that means. When someone with autism sees someone crying, they don't know what that means and they may not be empathetic. They don't take visual cues. She explained that that is why some people with autism have social problems. She theorized that the analytical side of the brain wasn't very well connected with the emotional side. However, she added that some people with autism have amazing abilities; they have one skill set which is extraordinary and one skill set which is compromised.

Energy Overload
Another theory of autism had to do with chaotic energy. One of the psychics reminded me that our brains work on energy patterns. Thoughts are an electrical storm through neural synapses; thoughts are energetic. She felt that autistic children might be stuck in a chaotic energy pattern.

Another psychic echoed this theory and added, "My feeling with autistic people is that something inside is going on so fast that they just can't put it into words. Their physical body can't keep up with the input. It's like their circuits are overloaded. Things are moving too fast for them to form the words to say anything about what is going on."

A third psychic added that she thought that autistic children had brains which were very open to everything. They were getting a lot of information. She felt that these children were very gifted and that people needed to figure out how to access their information. She sensed that it was important to look at these children and see their gifts instead of their disabilities because these children could teach us things.

Center of their Universe
One psychic observed that every child is born as the center of their own universe. She felt that the brains of autistic children just didn't change as they matured and the children remained at the center of their universe.

New to this Universe
I always find it interesting when I hear similar answers several times. One of theories put forth by several of the psychics had to do with these children being new to Earth and not having as much Earth experience as some older souls. One psychic thought that these were spirits who agreed to incarnate and then arrived here and felt like they really didn't want to be here. They still felt close to the other side. On the other side, everything is very positive. These may be people who are homesick and don't want to be here. However, she added that there are a lot of things which can be done to ground them here on Earth, for example, fun activities and positive experiences.

Another psychic echoed this idea stating, "I think that there is a rash of people with autism coming in with souls from a different soul group -- a little tear between the realms. They haven't had a lot of lifetimes on Earth and the way that they articulate their bodies and use their human brains is different."

A third psychic thought that these children were coming in highly exposed and that our Earth realm couldn't come close to matching their world. She thought that people with autism were in a human body yet had a highly-developed psychic mind. Their communication didn't work on the same level as the rest of us because they were more internal. They used mind waves for telecommunication. She noted that autistic kids were usually "within themselves" and speculated that they had a more-evolved mind stuck in a human body and that they didn't know how to deal with it.

A fourth psychic thought that people with autism were a higher level of being which we just didn't understand.

A fifth psychic reminded me that it was important to foster all the senses of a child with autism. They should be taught to use all of their gifts and their strengths. She also thought that, in some ways, they were more psychically-gifted than the rest of us; they were wired differently.

Here to learn and teach
One woman with a special needs child believed that people had choices about how they came to Earth. She thought that people were both students and teachers. She explained that no one wanted to see starving children, disease, crime, war, or people with Alzheimer's disease, and that the only explanation which made sense to her was that there was more going on than we knew. She speculated that before coming to Earth, people chose the situations which would help them, and the people around them, learn lessons. Some souls might choose specific physical conditions in order to learn and to teach. What have we learned about dealing with people who are different from us? Have we made the most of this learning experience?

If you have an intuitive sense as to what causes autism, please let me know!


December 11, 2009

Hello. It's great to be back at my computer working on My Psychic Search again. I have been spending a lot of time at crafts fairs the last six weeks, but the season is winding down and I am excited to be able to spend more time on my psychic research. This year, I printed out my Blog Book and brought it to crafts fairs because I thought people would be interested in this work. I was surprised to discover that there wasn't much interest in my psychic research at the crafts fairs. Usually, when I bring up the topic of psychics, people are either curious or they have stories to share. I discovered that this was not the case at the crafts fairs; people just wanted to see my gift ideas and move on. Okay, now I know.

On to today's topic:
Are psychics pleased to have these abilities or are they a burden?

Personally, I think it would be cool to be psychic, to have a glimpse of the Universe and a clue about the future. I was surprised to find that while most psychics feel that way today, they didn't always feel that way. Psychic ability comes to people in three ways and the way that it arrives has a big impact on how psychics feel about their abilities.

First, some psychics are born knowing their gifts and understand that they are here on Earth to use those gifts. For these people, there is an adjustment period to life on Earth. After the adjustment, they are very happy to have their gifts and to be able to share them.

One of these psychics told me that she was very pleased to have her abilities. It was just a question of learning to accept herself. Once she realized who she was and what she could do, it was very exciting.

Another psychic told me that she loves her abilities because they make her more fun!

Second, some psychics are born with gifts, but don't know what they have. They just feel like they don't fit in on Earth. These people often find that their abilities are a burden until they figure out that they are gifted, not crazy, and that their special abilities can assist other people. Once they realize what is happening, they become very pleased with their gifts.

For example, one psychic told me, "They used to be a burden; now, I am pleased. They were a burden because I could not understand why other people could not understand what I knew. Eventually, in standing up for my abilities, they stopped being a burden and turned out to be the authentic me."

Another psychic provided a different perspective, "When you are born with it, you usually do have moments when you think it is a burden because you can't turn it off. You can be considered different from your peers." Eventually, the psychics all learn to turn their abilities on and off, as needed.

One psychic told me that she has always been grateful for her gifts. She never felt that they were a burden. Maybe this was because she knew from the beginning that this was who she was and what she was going to do. She felt that if she could be of service, she was fulfilling her life's destiny.

Another psychic pointed out that she was very pleased with her abilities because she could use her gifts to create healers. She teaches classes and trains people. She added, "I wake them up. It is amazing to see people coming in with all of their drama and problems, then they change. Their lives improve and they are able to help other people. People are on a clearer path."

As one psychic put it: "I am so blessed! I am so pleased to have these abilities. I feel honored to do this work. I meet amazing people."

Third, some psychics were not born with extra-ordinary abilities, but they developed them later in life. These people worked hard to develop their abilities and were very happy to have them. One psychic whose gifts opened as a teenager told me that she was very pleased. She considered her abilities to be a gift from G-d and she loved making the most of them.

Are these abilities ever a burden?

One psychic told me that she was really excited by her gifts. The only part which might be considered a "burden" was that she was not sure where to go with them, how to make them really work. This is her career, her life's path, but she has so many ideas that she needs to corral them and figure out the best way to go.

Another way that these abilities can be a burden is that psychics often know things about other people and they have to figure out what to do with the information. When they see someone going through hard times, they can't just tell them what is going on because it upsets them. It can be painful when the psychic knows something and can't do anything to help, but it's wonderful when they know something and they can do something to help.

A third psychic commented that his empathic abilities were sometimes an emotional burden. However, this wasn't the first lifetime he had been psychic. He would like to be a little more balanced and wiser about the information which comes to him. For example, sometimes he can perceive what is going to happen, but he mixes up the way that he thinks about it.

When I asked him if he would prefer not be psychic, he answered, "I would be terrified and broken if that were to happen. It would ruin me to the core." He is very pleased to have his abilities even though coping with them can be difficult.

What it is like to lose psychic abilities?

Two psychics told me that they had lost their abilities and had to reclaim them. In one case, the psychic told me that someone had thrown a "psychic net" over her crown chakra and that she felt like she was suffocating. She nearly died because she lost her psychic connection. She felt very alone. It was as if she were a tree who never received any sunlight. Another psychic friend was able to remove the netting and, instantly, a light force started coming through her crown chakra and she recovered. She didn't know how people managed to go through life without a connection, but she speculated that everyone must have a connection whether they knew it or not.

The other psychic who had lost her abilities told me that she had psychically seen a divorce coming in her first marriage. When she saw the turmoil which was coming, she was very upset and she decided that she didn't want to know things anymore so she told her psychic abilities to go away. However, when her abilities went away, it was like living in a black hole. She realized how much she used her gift for the simplest of things. She begged Spirit to have the gift back and it returned slowly, in increments, so that she learned to value it. Without her abilities she didn't even know what to wear! She told me that people were guided more than they knew and she won't ever say, "No more!" again.

As always, let me know if you have questions or comments about this topic. Contact me at


November 17, 2009

There is a new metaphysical shop in northwest Tucson! It's called Living Tree Metaphysical and Healing Arts Center and it is located on the west side of Oracle Road between Ina and Magee, right next to Sprouts. The store was opened a week or two ago by Leah and Marta Taylor. Leah is a well-known Tucson psychic and her mother, Marta, reads Mah Jong cards. The store stocks metaphysical supplies and books from many cultures and religions. Stop in for psychic readings; Flower Essence consultations and formulations; and Reiki and intuitive body work. According to Leah, there will be unique events at the store and many services, such as acupuncture, will be available by appointment. For more information on all of the events and services, check the website at, or call 520-750-7236. Just so you know, Leah and Marta were two of the intuitives who I interviewed for My Psychic Search - they are very talented!

Here is today's Blog Topic: Do psychics feel safer, or more vulnerable, when they know things that other people don't know?

Because psychics can draw information from the non-physical world, they often have hints about their own futures. Does knowing what might happen in the future make the psychics feel safer because they can prepare for the event or does it make them feel more vulnerable because they know what is coming and may not be able to stop it?

In their own lives, most psychics feel safer when they know things that other people don't know; they like having a clue as to what is coming so that they can be prepared. Eleven psychics told me that their abilities helped them to feel safe and protected. One noted that her motto is, "To be forewarned is to be forearmed." Her information helps her to avoid unpleasant situations. Several of the psychics mentioned that they feel like they work with the non-physical world to co-create their protection.

One psychic told me that her feeling of safety is the baseline for her sense of personal survival. She finds that whenever something happens that might make her question her security, she always has a higher perspective and knows what is coming. It makes her feel safe.

Three of the psychics told me that they can either feel safer or more-vulnerable, depending on the information they know. One of these psychics told me that there were times when he had been upset by what he knew. Other times, he knew that something harmful was going to happen and he knew that he needed to leave the area before the incident occurred.

Another psychic noted that she feels safe and protected most of the time. However, sometimes when she sees something bad coming and she tells other people, they question whether she just saw it coming, or whether she drew it to herself by concentrating on it. They don't understand that she had the feeling it was going to happen, she didn't create the feeling which made it happen.

The third psychic who said it depended on what she knew elaborated that sometimes she knows certain things, for example, whether or not money will be coming her way. She may feel safer when she knows money is coming, but more vulnerable when she knows it is not coming. Either way, the knowledge helps her to plan ahead. She always feels protected and cared for so she is not scared of many things. She feels like she creates her future and is able to manifest whatever she needs. Knowing what is coming helps her to know what she needs to create. She added that she can feel the direction the energy is flowing and she can feel when it shifts. She told me that people can work with the flow of the Universe to get what they want; they can ride it like a wave.

Only one of the psychics told me that he feels more vulnerable when he knows what is coming. He doesn't understand why he needs to know the things that he knows about other people. He tries to see the positive in everybody, but sometimes his psychic information lets him know that not everyone is trustworthy and that makes him feel vulnerable.

How do psychics feel when they know things about other people?

During readings, psychics often receive information about the lives (present and future) of their clients. How do psychics feel when they know things about their friends and clients which the friends and clients don't know?

All of the psychics told me that they were very pleased to be able to help people understand what was going on in their lives. Helping people was why they did what they did. However, it was often disconcerting to know other people's stories and vulnerabilities; to know more about them than the psychic would like to know

One psychic explained that when she knew something about a client, she had to figure out what to do with the information. She always had to ask about the next step.

Similarly, another psychic wonders why she is told certain things. She feels that if she is given information, she has to do something about it, but she is not always certain what to do with the information. She added that when people come for a reading, she has to be appropriate and it is not always appropriate to tell the client everything she sees. She can't just tell people when she sees illness, death or divorce coming. It would scare them. If she sees that someone is going to get sick, she asks them when the last time was that they had a physical? One time she saw that her friend's husband was having an affair, but she couldn't tell the friend. The woman wasn't ready to accept the information and the situation was part of both of the couple's life lessons so the reader had to be quiet.

Another psychic told me that she had to work hard to make sure other people were okay; to be able to give them what they were going to need, even if they didn't know that they needed it. For example, if a person told her that they were not feeling well, she might meditate on it and discover that the condition was much worse than they had thought and she had to decide how much information to share. Alternatively, someone might tell her that their life was wonderful, but she might see a block. She added, "You try to protect, guard and take care of people so that they are strong enough to do what they need to do."

This same psychic added, "I don't enjoy it when I can't make things better for someone, but I also know that these are their life lessons. It's like when you hold a child's hand when they are learning to walk because you don't want them to fall. But there is a point in time when you have to release the hand and let them try to stand on their own."

Another psychic put it this way: "It's a double-edged sword. Sometimes it is really cool and sometimes it is a pain in the butt because you see someone going through hard times and you can't just tell them what is going on because it freaks them out. It can be painful when you know something and you can't do anything to help, but it's wonderful when you know something and you can do something to help."

November 4, 2009

Psychic Skills Checklist, Blog Book, Notebook, Zodiac Cards and Psychic Birthday Cards Available

So much is going on! First, I want to let everyone know that I have printed out the information from My Psychic Search's blogs and created a "Blog Book." The Blog Book has most of the information from the Blog, in chronological order, from July 2008 through October 2009. The advantage of having it in book form is that you can read it from beginning to end and highlight the information which you want to remember. I have also put together a Notebook to carry whenever you have a psychic reading. It has pages for writing down what the psychic said and what actions you want to take based on what the psychic said. There are enough pages for five readings. In addition, there is a pocket in the back for collecting flyers and business cards.

What else is new? I also have blank greeting cards for each sign of the Zodiac and I have birthday cards with psychic "Wild Girls!" on the front. On the inside of the psychic card it says, "I know you are going to have a great birthday! I'm a little psychic."

I did my first Tucson crafts fair of the season last weekend and it was great to see my old crafting buddies. It's also nice to have new items for sale!

* * * *

Today's blog entry focuses on the skills which psychics use to tap into the ether. The skills listed below were described to me by the psychics who I interviewed. If you think you might be psychic, check the list below to see how many of these skills you already have. Each psychic has a unique combination of skills; no one has all of them, but everyone has some of them.

That reminds me, I have been contacted by a few people who think they might be psychic, but aren't sure what is going on. They are receiving information or seeing spirits and don't know what to do. Are there any psychics out there who would be willing to mentor these people? Many of the psychics I interviewed shared how frightening it was when their gifts came to them, but they didn't know what they were. If you remember that time in your life and you want to help someone else work through their development, please let me know and I will put the newbie psychics in touch with the experienced psychics, probably through e-mail.

Okay, here's the list:

Psychic Skills Checklist

Do you:
(Things that just happened to you)
❑ Hear voices?

❑ See images?

❑ See auras?

❑ Feel auras?

❑ Have a physical feeling in your body?

❑ Have an emotional feeling in your body?

❑ Experience total knowing?

❑ Have info just "pop into my head"?

❑ Have info "just come out of my mouth"?

❑ See the future?

❑ Communicate with the deceased?

❑ See ghosts?

❑ Communicate with Spirit Guides?

❑ Communicate with angels?

❑ Communicate with alien entities?

❑ Astral travel?

❑ Speak in tongues?

❑ Have prophetic dreams?

❑ Have medical intuition?

❑ Have a sensitivity to energy?

❑ Perform automatic writing?

❑ Channel information?

❑ Connect with the client's energy?

❑ Help clients connect with their Higher Self?

❑ Take on others' illnesses?

❑ Receive info about past lives?

❑ Help with past life regressions?

❑ Communicate with plant devas?

❑ Communicate with nature spirits?

❑ Communicate with animals?

❑ Create intuitive art?

(Things you learned to do)

❑ Perform Reiki?

❑ Help people heal energetically?

❑ Lay on hands to assist healing?

❑ Perform bodywork?

❑ Perform cranial/sacral work?

❑ Perform massage therapy?

❑ Perform chakra balancing?

❑ Perform psychic surgery?

❑ Use an Emotional Freedom Technique?

❑ Work with flower essences?

❑ Perform exorcisms?

❑ Perform cord cuttings?

❑ Track energy?

❑ Perform spiritual counseling?

❑ Lead Shamanic journeys?

Do you:

❑ Read Tarot Cards?

❑ Read palms?

❑ Read Akashic Records?

❑ Read a crystal ball?

❑ Work with astrology?

❑ Work with numerology?

Are you:

❑ Psychic?

❑ Intuitive (knowing; ideas just pop into your head)?

❑ Empathic?

Do you communicate with:

❑ Spirit Guides?

❑ A group?

❑ Angels?

❑ The client's Higher Self?

❑ G-d?

Have I covered everything, or are there additional skills?

Please let me know if you have additional skills, if you are willing to become a psychic mentor or if you would like to order a Blog Book, a Notebook, or greeting cards.



October 22, 2009

Where do pets go when they die?

Oh, this is an interesting question with a variety of answers. This post summarizes the potpourri of answers I received. It is more a question to ponder than a question which has been definitively answered.

Each psychic has their own idea of what happens when pets die. I have had beloved pets who have passed away and I would like to see them again so there are answers which I had hoped to hear. Setting my own personal hopes aside, this is what the psychics said:

     14 psychics thought that our animal's spirit lives on;
       1 psychic thought that this is the only lifetime for animals;
          they are here, then they are gone; and
       2 psychics had never thought about this topic.

Of the 14 psychics who thought that our animal's spirit lives on, six thought that we could see our animal again. Several psychics told me that animals often come up in people's readings. They come back to tell their owners that they are just fine.

Several psychics told me that pets go to Heaven just like we do. They have individual souls just like we do and the psychics are positive that we will see our pets again.

However, there is a theory that instead of individual souls, different types of animals may have group souls. For example, all dogs are part of a dog soul group and all cats are part of a feline soul group.

One of the psychics told me that she has already been visited by her deceased cat. She had a dream about the cat then felt something get on her bed and there he was, twice his size. She knew that he was real. Then she "blended awake" from another reality and she knew he was doing really well.

Do animals experience reincarnation? Again there are a variety of answers to this question.

One psychic commented that she always sees people being reincarnated as people; she doesn't see people coming back as animals. She thinks that dogs will usually be reincarnated as canines, and cats as felines. She sees them within the same genus. Sometimes they stay with their owners on the other side. She sees a lot of people with their animals on the other side and believes that our animals wait for us.

Another psychic thinks that we can change form and that a dog can be born again as a human, and a human as a dog, or any other type of animal. Why? To get the lessons we need to learn. We are all born to learn our lessons and to become the best that we can be.

What else might animals do once they have crossed over?

One psychic explained that deceased animals go to the spirit realm just like everything else. They can be our guides, assisting us in different ways. She wasn't sure about all animals, but she knew that her own animals had been Spirit Guides for her. She still communicates with them.

Two more-detailed theories:

When I asked the pet psychic about what happens to animals after death, she gave me a longer explanation than some of the other people I interviewed. She explained that, "If you picture the world and the Universe around it, there is a layer between the Earth and the Universe - an ‘ever after' holding space. Spirit energy goes there. I have seen this energy. When the spirit leaves the physical body, it is kind of a ‘glowy ball' and the glowing energy ends up in this space. When I look into this area, there are balls of light from people and animals. The energies can mix together, share experiences, and talk about things."

She thinks that energies travel in groups. There may be a dynamic where there are 10 very close people in someone's life. As the energies pass, they go into this holding area and wait for all 10 energies to get up there. Once all of the energies are there, they discuss their experiences and decide how they want to change things the next time. Then, the energies begin filtering back to Earth one at a time in their new roles. They work with each other again when they come back to Earth. The energies travel in "packs."

She is certain that we will see our pets again.

She also feels that pets can decide if they want to be something different. For example, they may have been a cat this time because their human needed that perfect companionship. She explained that cats can give people personal satisfaction and calming while dogs tend to be guardians. If a being is here as a cat this time so that it can calm their human, it might choose to come as a dog the next time because it understands that the human is going to need protection.

She added that animals can come back as other animals and people can come back as other people. Animals are one level and people are another level. Once an animal has accomplished everything it wants to accomplish as an animal, it can become a "people energy." Animals can evolve. Once it becomes a person, it does not go back to being an animal.

A second psychic also provided a detailed idea of what happens when our pets cross over. She thinks that they go to the same Realm that we go to, however, it has different levels. In generic terms, she believes that there is a frequency of energy for the animals of our planet, another frequency level for the plants, and another frequency level for the crystals. There is a certain frequency which she calls "Humanness," and there is a layer above that which she calls "Divine." Above that would be a layer she calls "The All in One (G-d)."

She believes that her dog who has passed on no longer has his individual physical body, but his uniqueness and his one-ness are still maintained in the non-physical. She believes that he has the ability to shift his energy so that he can come back into life in the animal range (probably as a dog).

There are so many different answers to these questions about animals that I am interested in hearing more answers to see if any kind of consistency surfaces. Do you have an idea as to what happens when animals pass away?

Please let me know your thoughts by contacting me at

October 12, 2009

Animal Communication

In my life I have had many pets who I have loved, loved, loved. Right now, I have two dogs keeping me company as I write this entry. In my own way, I communicate with my dogs and they communicate with me. If the truth were known, you would see that my dogs have trained me well. They clearly communicate when they think it is snack time by standing by the snack pantry. I get the message and I oblige - treats all around! But what if I needed more information than what kind of snacks they liked? What if I needed to know if they felt well or if they were happy. Is there a way to communicate with animals? Can psychics communicate with animals?

Several of the psychics told me that they were able to communicate with animals. They can both understand what the animal is thinking and can send a message to the animal. This skill is being fine-tuned by one of the psychics who I interviewed who specializes in animal communication. First, I will share some of the general animal communication information provided by multiple psychics, then I will present information from the psychic who is an animal communicator.

At this point, I have interviewed 22 psychics. Fourteen of the psychics told me that they are able to communicate with animals and two of them told me that they are not animal communicators, but that they know other psychics who are very good at animal communication. Several of the psychics noted that they communicate with their own animals, but haven't ever tried communicating with other people's animals.

How does this work?

The psychics told me that animals communicate telepathically in images. For example, one psychic told me that she can use her third eye to send an image to an animal and that she can tell by the way that the animal responds that the animal has received the image.

Another psychic told me that he can talk and listen to animals. Sometimes he talks to animals when they are under stress. For example, if their owner is sick and the animals know the owner is sick, they worry about who is going to take care of them. It is self-based: "What about me?? Who is going to feed me? Where am I going to live?" He told me that animals can understand when he tells them what the plan is for their future. However, a lot of people don't know that they are sick so there is no plan. The animals may know first. They can sniff out cancer, so they may know before the human knows. Animals don't like change. He added that animals may be a lower life form, but they are still able to love and to have fear.

One psychic told me that communicating with animals is soft and gentle. They don't have lives in their heads. They are "cleaner." They can be easier to read than humans because people sometimes have static in their heads. This psychic has an empathic connection and is able to feel what the animals feel. He tells me that mammals and birds are very interesting. He especially enjoys communicating with grey squirrels and racoons. He told me that, at one point, he made friends with racoons and they would sit outside and gossip.

Some people ask psychics about a specific problem that they are having with an animal. For example, the animals pees in the house or barks too much. One of the psychics who works with animals told me that she can try to help an animal change its behavior, but if that animal's spirit refuses to work on the issue, that is where it ends. She can't force the animal to do something it doesn't want to do. She communicates with the animal on an etheric level. She feels that animals are much better at living authentic lives than people. They easily adjust to her asking to have psychic intuition with them, but they also have their own personalities and if they don't want to interact, she can't make them interact.

Several psychics told me that cats protect them. In most cases, these are living cats, but one person told me that when she does readings, she has unseen cats by her side who protect her. Another psychic astral travels with her cats. Some psychics pray with their animals and other psychics do Reiki and energy clearings on animals.

One psychic told me that he helped a friend's pet transition when the pet had to be euthanized. He heard from the pet that it was okay and that the pet understood what the person was trying to do. He saw the spirit leave the pet.

Another psychic believes in the Shamanic world and the Shamanic belief that spirits live in all things. She communicates with plants, trees and animals. She told me that her Spirit Guides would more likely be animals than humans. In addition, she noted that she can communicate telepathically with animals.

One psychic who has never had pets told me that she talks to everything. One time she was with her husband who was dove hunting and she heard the doves crying and telling each other to watch out. She couldn't go hunting again.

What about animal communication as a specialty?

I interviewed one psychic who specializes in animal communication. She tries to help people and their animals to have better communication. A lot of people come to her because they are having a problem with their animal and they are not sure what is going on. By looking at a photograph of the animal, she can ask the animal what is going on and relay that information to the person. She thinks of herself as an interpreter for the animal.

For the most part, she contacts the animal directly. According to this woman, if the animal is alive, it is easy to establish the connection. This is the best energy connection. If an animal has passed on, she goes directly to their energy. The energy of a person or animal who has passed on is very different. This energy makes her feel "swirly" as if she has been spinning in circles and then trying to stand still. It is like having a bit of vertigo.

According to this psychic, there's an intuitive area near her solar plexus where a lot of emotions come through. She gets a sensation, almost like her stomach is flipping, when she knows she has made the connection with an animal. In addition, when she gets "yes" answers she feels that flip. For "no" answers, or if she is on the wrong track, there's no feeling at all. She also gets pictures in her mind. For example, if she asks a dog if he likes his food, the dog will show her his food. If there is a placemat under the bowl, she will see the placemat and the bowl as well as the color and the shape of the food. Then, she will ask if they like the food or if they want something else. Sometimes they say that the food is fine and sometimes they show her something else which they would prefer to eat which they have eaten in the past.

Occasionally, she hears sentences. She told me that this experience is like reading a book and hearing different characters in your mind; she hears the different character voices. It is like she has a play going on in her mind with dialogue with different characters, different voices, different pitches. Emotions come through.

If she is on a topic an animal likes, she will feel warm and good. If they are talking about their human, sometimes they express that they really love their human. When that happens, she feels like she is enveloped in a hug.

Mostly, she reads what is happening right now with an animal. She can also see what has happened in the past. Occasionally she gets hints about the future. An animal may tell her what they think might happen. Animals who have passed on might tell her that they think they are going to come back; that they want to come back.

I asked her how "normal" people could better communicate with their pets and she told me that the human needs to really think about what they want to communicate. Then, they should talk aloud to the animal. When the human says it out loud and thinks the picture in their mind, the animal gets it. People tell her that their dogs have totally changed behavior because of this technique.

Sooo interesting. Next topic: what happens after our animals die? Where do they go? Will we see them again. Stay tuned for the next blog entry.


October 5, 2009

Do most psychics have "day jobs"? How does being psychic affect their jobs? Does this ability make a person a better artist? a better accountant? a computer whizz?

In addition to being psychics and energy workers, some people have "day jobs." When I asked about this topic, I really wanted to know two things: (1) were psychics working regular jobs and hidden among us without us realizing that the perfectly "normal" person next to us was psychic? and (2) does being psychic make a person better at their job? The psychics I interviewed are at many life stages: some are young, some are working professionals and some are retired.

The psychics, intuitives, and energy workers I interviewed are currently employed in a variety of professions including: home health care provider, bookkeeper, teacher, tax collector, artist, medical assistant, financial analyst, life coach, computer programmer, sales consultant, advertising and marketing consultant, and administrative assistant.

Other interviewees had moved on from jobs such as electrical engineer, bailiff, artist, computer professional, UN consultant, human resources professional, bartender and marketing professional.

You just never know if the person next to you at work has strong intuitive insights.

Here are some of their stories:

One psychic used to work as an electrical engineer and now works with plant essences and energies. Working as an electrical engineer helped her understand how energy worked. I asked her if being psychic had helped her when she was an engineer and she told me that, "Being psychic had made me better at my job. I had always been a high achiever and my psychic abilities helped me to know what a client might like, or how best to present information. It often happened without me realizing I was using it. It just came through me. I would say things without thinking what was coming out of my mouth and it was often the exact right thing to say."

Another psychic had been a bailiff for 15 years. She noted that being psychic had helped her with her job because she was able to anticipate what the judges needed. Her only difficulty was that she knew who was innocent and who was guilty, but she couldn't do anything about it. One time she knew that a defendant was guilty, but the judge set him free. She asked the judge about the case and he told her that it was the State's responsibility to prove the case in a court of law and that the State had not done its job. Being a bailiff became very stressful and she eventually had to leave that job.

One psychic who is particularly well-suited to current her line of work is a home health care provider. She uses her psychic abilities to help people either to heal, or to make their peace, depending on what they want. If the patient wants to get well, she helps them take responsibility for their sickness, cleans any energetic blockages that they have, and cleans their auras. She is able to help clear a patient's energy systems so that the patient can heal and this work fills the patient with Divine love. If the patient is very ill or elderly and doesn't want to live any longer, the two of them talk and she tries to help the client prepare for what might come. She asks them if they believe in an afterlife and she tells them what she has heard, what might be possible. She helps them find comfort in the unknown.

One of the intuitives who I interviewed has been a self-employed bookkeeper for more than 13 years. At first, she tried to keep her psychic work and her bookkeeping work separate. After a while, she discovered that she could use her intuitive talents to assist everybody with whom she did bookkeeping work. She found that while she was working on their books, clients kept asking questions and she kept answering them. In some cases, she spent more time talking to the clients than doing their bookkeeping, and that is how the clients liked it. Once she realized that she was living in two worlds (psychic and bookkeeper) and that they were really one world, she was able to merge these realms and become her authentic self.

Another woman I interviewed is so "normal" you wouldn't suspect that she is a gifted psychic. She works as a high school special ed teacher. Her psychic insights make her better at her job because she understands how to help her students.

Also using his talents is a tax collector. Being psychic helps him to know whether people are telling the truth or lying when he is negotiating with them. He knows when they are hiding assets.

One woman who I interviewed is a retired artist. She told me that she always liked bold colors, shapes and sizes. The benefit of being psychic was that, when she was painting a series of patterns, her psychic abilities told her what the patterns meant. Without psychic insights, she still would have created the same images, but being psychic had helped her to understand what she was painting.

Another woman I interviewed is currently working as an artist. She told me that being psychic makes her better at her job. When she works with a client, she can see what they are seeking. She said, "It gives me another sense of how to hear people, and I know how to listen to people deeply. I hear what they say and I hear what they don't say." She added that all of her gifts and abilities worked seamlessly together. She is an artist, a psychic and an intuitive. All of these gifts go into listening to clients and communities. She tries to make sure that everyone is heard whether they state their opinions aloud or not.

I also interviewed a man who makes gourd masks. He used to be a computer professional with a "rational, linear brain," but after a series of health issues and life-changing events, he began producing gourd artwork. He told me that his artwork was totally inspired by his connection to an etheric library of images. While he couldn't say exactly where the images came from, he told me that once he had completed a mask design, he could see that it depicted alien images, portrayed deep spiritual messages, or provided images from ancient Atlantis.

One of the intuitives who I interviewed is a medical assistant/receptionist/co-office manager for a homeopathic medical doctor. She is able to use her intuition if the doctor gets "stuck." She can provide an insight to the doctor which prompts his intuition and helps him to help the patient. Prior to this job, she had worked as a medical assistant in an allopathic doctors' office. At that time, she knew that she had intuitive gifts and that she could share those gifts, but the doctors would not listen to her. In order to be able to work one-on-one with patients, she went to massage therapy school. There, she received hands-on training and found that she was able to feel things through clients. She had the opportunity to lay hands on clients and help them heal themselves. She worked hard to receive medical training then go to massage therapy school to get the license she needed to be able to lay hands on people and use her medical intuition.

Here is another fascinating story: One of the psychics worked at the United Nations (UN) for three years doing business, financial and political readings. He didn't do personal readings at the UN. Because he was able to predict world events, the UN kept inviting him to do presentations for larger and larger audiences. Eventually, he became a consultant for the Executive Staffing Council which provided information to UN diplomats. This gentleman was titled an "intuitive consultant."

After completing his work with the UN, he began doing financial and economic predictions. He predicts the financial markets every week. His predictions are based on both logic and intuition and he has done exceedingly well. Interestingly, his Spirit Guides told him that he could do this work, but that he was not allowed to profit directly from his stock recommendations - he was not allowed to own stocks because ownership might influence his predictions. Fortunately, he is well-paid by the corporations which he advises.

Another psychic is a life coach. She earned a Business degree and started a life coaching company so that she would have the skills and tools to help people and to be able to give them a push. She didn't want people to be dependent on her psychic readings, she wanted them to be independent. She told me that her intuition was a special tool which helped her to help other people. She noted that every life coach had a different niche and a different background. Some life coaches knew more about finance, health care, or acting. Her specialty was intuition. Most of her clients enjoyed coming to her because she had the extra ability to do Tarot Card readings.

One of the empaths who I interviewed is a computer programmer. He told me that being a psychic didn't influence being a programmer, but being a programmer influenced being a psychic because it made him think about things in a different way. He felt that getting into a different mind set helped with the psychic aspect of his work. It provided structured and logical thought which he didn't generally experience as an empath. He told me that, "There are many faculties of the mind and if you can integrate them it will increase your ability to connect."

One intuitive woman has retired from a job in Human Resources with Honeywell. She told me that her abilities had made her better at the job she did, but it scared some people. In addition, it ticked off some employees because they didn't feel it belonged in the workplace. However, it was part of who she was and her intuition helped many of the managers.

A woman who I recently interviewed is a sales consultant for a high tech company. She told me that she was very good at her job because, when she talked to clients over the phone, she knew exactly what they needed. She was able to work quickly and efficiently to solve the client's problems.

Some psychics think that their intuitive work and their "day jobs" are completely separate. One energy worker owns a small business. She is an advertising and marketing consultant, and feels that her energy work and her marketing work are two separate worlds.

Similarly, I interviewed an administrative assistant for a telecom company. She told me that she often knows when things are going to happen at the office, but keeps quiet about what she knows because what she knows in advance is often negative.

The next question which comes to mind is whether or not people who are very good at their jobs have high levels of intuition. Do inventors gather ideas from the ethers? Does Bill Gates have psychic insights? Does Warren Buffet have strong intuition about stocks and companies? I would love to know the answer to that question!

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me at

September 23, 2009
2012: It's only three years away!

The year 2012 should be an interesting one. According to some people, 2012 is the end of the Mayan and Hopi calendars and this signifies the end of the world. Other researchers dispute that this is the end of the calendars and many people disagree that this will be the end of the world. However, there is much speculation that big changes are coming. Some people believe that 2012 will be the year in which some of Nostradamus' predictions are realized. Many people believe that we will survive 2012, but that there will huge changes in the ways we think and live. Other people think the Mayans just ran out of space to keep writing a calendar.

I didn't specifically ask the psychics about the year 2012, but it often came up during the interviews. Ten psychics commented on what they thought was going to happen and their ideas are summarized in this blog entry. If you are new to the 2012 theories, just look them up on-line and you will be surprised at all that you find.

According to the 10 psychics who I interviewed,

5 thought that there would be catastrophic Earth changes (floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, fires, etc.) and that much of the population of Earth would leave, but that many people would survive and continue to live on Earth;

1 thought that there would be changes, but they wouldn't be huge;

1 thought that this would be the end of "mechanistic" time and that we would have a different dimension of natural time to replace "clock" time;

2 thought that this was similar to Y2K where people had feared that all the computers would fail and it would be catastrophic, but really nothing changed; and

1 thought that the end of the Mayan calendar didn't mean anything in particular; the "Mayans had just run out of stone."

If you are interested in more of the comments, please keep reading. Remember that these are the psychics' own views and interpretations and you may find some of them surprising. In time, we will all know whether or not their predictions were correct.

One of the psychics had this prediction:

I believe that a lot of Earth changes are coming. There will be tsunamis. Continents will break away and old continents will re-surface. However, my interpretation of the 2012 Mayan prophecy is not that it is going to be the end of the world, but that it will be a new beginning. In addition to the Earth changes, there is going to be a spiritual shift of consciousness and awareness.

I think that things will accelerate until 2012. The catastrophes are getting worse and are becoming more frequent. Things will happen in the U.S. too. I think NY and FL will disappear. I think that CA will break away. I think that we are blessed to be in Tucson at this time. It is a safe place to be. We may become beachfront property!

Another psychic echoed the idea of major catastrophes, but had her own spin:

In the next couple of years, we are going to have catastrophic happenings on Earth and people are going to disappear. You will see them, then you won't see them. What will happen is that some people are going to be able to see spaceships. They are going to get telepathic messages to come aboard. They are going to say, "Yes," in order to avoid what is going to happen here: earthquakes, volcanoes, etc. Not everybody is going to see the spaceships because not everybody is going to want to see them. Someone next to you may not see that spaceship and you may just disappear. They will be looking around and wondering where you went.

If you are one of the people who sees the spaceships, it's best to get on board because when you go, you will remember who you are. A lot of us are divine masters. We were born here, but it doesn't mean we are from here. We are from different stars. While we are up there, and all the land changes happen, two-thirds of the world's population is going to leave, one way or another. There is going to be a polar shift. If Nostradamus is correct, the polar shift will happen in the year 2012. The Earth will stop rotating and it will tilt. By the end of 2009, there will be no ice on the polar caps.

After the Earth changes, people will return to Earth and they are going to have to work together to save the animals. About a third of the current human population will live on Earth after the changes. Earth is still going to be here and people are still going to be here. They are going to be the people who chose to stay here to help the Earth heal. But being here during the cataclysmic part may not be a wise idea. People can always opt to come back.

I asked her how we could protect our children and families and she reminded me that our kids volunteered to be here. She stated:

Our kids are here for a reason. Our kids are here to help. They have a mission too. Just because they are our children, doesn't mean that they are not special. They are here with a specific purpose, their own destiny. When the time comes, we will all know why we are here and what we are supposed to do.

She also reminded me that catastrophes didn't strike everywhere at once. Events such as volcanoes and tsunamis affected only a certain geographic area at a particular time. People were already getting the urge to move so that they would get to the place where they needed to be. And she also reminded me that even with a tsunami or an earthquake, some people lived through it.

A third psychic commented that a lot of people's ideas about how to live would go through rapid changes:

People will either get things together or they won't. People who get it together will survive and people who don't, won't. I think there is going to be a big house-cleaning. I don't know what form it is going to take, but I have a big feeling that there is going to be a house-cleaning. It isn't about survival in the sense of having five years worth of food in the house, it has to do with where your head is. It has to do with what you think about, how you move in the world and how you treat other people. Guys who are boozing it up and hitting their wives aren't going to make it.

The Universe is an abundant place. There is no reason for some people to have so much money they can't spend it all and for other people to be grubbing in the garbage can for their next meal. That is ridiculous. I think there is going to be a much more level playing field in the future.

Another psychic has heard that 2012 is supposed to be the year of Peace; no more war. However, she added:

I don't believe that. I believe we will still have war because there are so many countries which believe that woman are worthless. I would love to believe that 2012 is the magical number and that there will be peace, but I don't think we will be able to change the world by 2012. There is too much work still to be done. But I believe that a lot of people will be eliminated from this world. We are going to have fewer people living on this Earth plane. There will be natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanoes. Our food chain is going to change and people need to build up their immune systems.

A fourth psychic saw a different future:

The world may not come to the end, but there may be a re-birthing . . . like 1929, when everybody had to work together if they wanted to make it. We have been on this planet for 35 million years as human beings. I don't think we are going away. I think that life as we know it is going to be very, very different. We may not be able to live in the desert anymore; that kind of thing. Or it could be the reverse. 2012 is another Presidential election year. Who knows? It might be that we elect a new kind of President. It could be that we become more prosperous, or more psychic, or more intuitive. People look at it as a doomsday, but it doesn't have to be that.

A fifth psychic commented that she didn't perceive big catastrophes or the end of the world in 2012, but she saw a shift in perception:

I think there is going to be enough awareness that there will be shift in perception and a shift in consciousness. People will begin to create a more-positive life illusion. We are all co-creators, and it is all about how we perceive our creations. Some people can always see the good and have a perfect life. Others struggle. This will be a shift in awareness, a shift in being able to co-create your illusion.

One of the psychics felt that 2012 will bring a new state of mind:

There is going to be a shift, but it doesn't mean that we will be obliterated. Just think how you think now compared to how you thought 10 years ago. We are the hippy/baby boomer generation. We were rebels from the start and we are going to change the way people think about being senior citizens. I have no doubt I will be here.

Another psychic commented about 2012:

It is the ending of time as we know it. We won't have to be concerned with clock or calendar time because we will be in another dimension of time. The Mayans understood the evolution of the cosmic human and we are becoming cosmic humans. We will still be here, but instead of mechanistic time, we will work in natural time.

One more thing: Several of the psychics told me that they had not wanted to be born (re-incarnated) at this period of time, but were asked to volunteer to come here and help with all of the upcoming changes.

We are all in this together.

Let me know if you have any thoughts on the year 2012. As always, you can contact me at

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