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2009 Weblog

If you are new to this blog and find it confusing, you might want to read it from the bottom-up; from oldest entry to newest entry. The entries build on each other.

September 14, 2009

After a quiet summer of analyzing the information which I have collected, I am happy to report that I have begun interviewing psychics again. What fun! Please let me know of anyone who you think would enjoy being part of this project. Thanks!

Yesterday, I went to the Psychic Fair and had three very-fun readings. I talked to two psychics who told me that they can see the future so I'll have to wait and see how those readings pan out. The third psychic gave me that kind of reading which made me feel happy to be alive. In addition, I was able to catch up with some of my friends and I had a delightful day. We are so fortunate to live in this physical world and enjoy so many experiences.

Now, back to the information I have gleaned from interviewing the psychics. This is the fourth (and final) part of the series on the Private Lives of psychics.

The Private Lives of Psychics: Extended Family Relationships

Some psychics come from families with other psychic members and some psychics are the only gifted people in their family or in their generation. In some cases, non-psychic family members are interested in the information which the psychic can provide, but in other cases, they are not comfortable with the psychic's work. I asked each of the psychics how being psychic affected their family relationships. There isn't a consistent answer to this question, but the answers helped me to understand what it is like to live life as a psychic.

Here are some comments on how being psychic has positively influenced family relationships:

☼ It's all been positive. It opened up our communications. My parents were very open to ideas.

☼ It has connected us and made us inter-dependent on each other rather than co-dependent. We respect each other.

☼ It forces me to challenge myself constantly to keep growing in my own way, and not think that I have answers for other people in my family.

☼ It makes it easier to deal with my family because I know that things will all work out in the end. I am just not sure how things will work out right now. It's a quiet knowing that what is happening is supposed to be happening.

Here are some comments from psychics who say that being psychic has not had much of an impact on their family relationships:

☼ There was no impact on my family relationships, except that they knew not to bother me when I was doing a reading.

☼ No impact that I can perceive. My mother is psychic and, before I was born, she expected me to be psychic.

☼ They accept what I do. Every now and then they ask for readings.

☼ They think I'm nuts! [lol] They think I make things up, but then they listen to me, and they see what happens.

☼ My parents look the other way. One brother doesn't mention it. My sister loves me no matter what I believe in. She says I am going to be the nicest person burning in Hell. My husband is very proud of it.

One psychic provided an example of how she was able to help her family understand her gift:

☼ My dad was in the Air Force and he is a guy who wants hard facts. However, when I visited him he was fascinated by my abilities and began asking me about what I do. It gave us a better connection. He told me that he and his wife had bought their house from a gentleman who had passed away. I didn't want to hear anything else, except the man's name. I went through the house and gathered information on the previous owner. I was able to give them information which they already knew about the man, confirming my answers.

Another psychic commented that being a psychic child helped her family, but was hard on her:

☼ As a kid, I didn't really get to be a kid. I had hard decisions to make. I have always been the psychologist in my family. I had to listen to people's problems and give advice. People asked me for help. If I couldn't have provided the advice, they wouldn't have asked, but I was able to do it.

That's all for now. Let me know if you have any comments or questions.


September 8, 2009

The Private Lives of Psychics: Raising Psychic Children

The last couple of blog entries have discussed what it is like to be a psychic who is dating or married. Continuing with this theme of "Private Lives," I asked the psychics, "What is it like to raise children who are psychic? Does this complicate family life? "

Of the 21 people I interviewed, 15 had children and 6 did not have children. Of the 15 psychics with children, 11 saw the talent in their children, 2 did not, and 2 didn't comment on their childrens' abilities. (More information on psychic talent running in families can be found in my July 22, 2009 blog entry.)

Three psychics shared interesting stories about raising psychic children. I found these personal insights quite amusing.

One psychic recounted that when psychics get to be teenagers, it's a real test. She told me, "My daughter thought she could outsmart me. She came to me when she was 16 and said, ‘You don't know half the things I have done,' and I said, ‘Unfortunately, I do. I just don't want to!'" Now that they are both adults, they tease each other with their psychic abilities. However, the daughter thinks that because the Mom is psychic, she doesn't have to tell her things. Wrong. We all want to hear from our kids!

Here is a more serious recollection. One psychic had a child when she was still a teenager and her parents helped her to raise him. Her son was very psychic and was able to manifest (create by thought) whatever he wanted. According to the Mom, the problem was that he never developed a proper conscience. She told me that it was very difficult to discipline this child because he could have anything he wanted whenever he wanted it. She wasn't able to set limits for him and, consequently, he didn't develop a good sense of right and wrong.

She believes that her second son is also intuitive, but he calls it "common sense." She can never surprise him with a gift. Whatever she gives him, and however the wrapping is disguised, he knows what it is going to be because it is just "common sense." How could he guess every time?

The third psychic told me that she had a seven year old daughter who was psychic. The daughter remembered being in her mother's stomach and when she was about three years old she asked her Mom, "Do you remember when I was in your tummy? It got really tight in there. At first, I was swimming and that was fun." Later the child asked, "Do you remember when I went down the egg waterfall?" In addition, the child was able to describe what happened when she was born, who was in the room, and that her grandmother was crying. At one point the little girl asked, "Remember when I was in your tummy and we painted Easter eggs?" Her Mom responded that they were Jewish and that they didn't color eggs to celebrate Easter. Later, the Mom remembered that when she was about eight months pregnant, she did color Easter eggs!

This Mom also remembered that when her daughter was two years old, she touched a friend's cat's belly and said, "There are babies in there." The cat had just been in heat and did end up being pregnant, but no one knew at the time.

From what I have seen and read, it seems difficult for non-psychic parents to raise psychically-gifted children because the parents don't have a clue what is happening with the child; they don't know what is real and what is coming from the child's imagination. In the case of psychics who are raising psychic children, things seem a bit easier, yet we all stumble as we learn to understand and support our children.

Do you have an interesting story about raising a psychic child? Please e-mail it to me at Thanks!


August 28, 2009

The Private Lives of Psychics: Marriage

When one person taps into universal knowledge and the other person doesn't, how does this affect their marriage? The psychics have various views on this topic. I interviewed 21 psychics of various ages and life stages. Of these 21 people,

     5 are in their first marriage
     1 was widowed and has re-married
     1 was divorced and has re-married
     2 were twice-divorced and are currently married
     1 was separated
     6 were divorced once and are not married
     1 was divorced 3 times and is not married
     4 were single and have never married

Some psychics tell me that their partner is amused by the psychic's gifts. One psychic noted that her husband was fascinated whenever she picked up the telephone and knew it was him just by the way the phone rang.

Another psychic tells me that she and her husband are both gifted and that they have a lot of fun. She feels that both of them being intuitive makes the marriage deeper. They share insights with each other and tell each other what to look out for. Sometimes they think the same things or answer each other's questions before the questions have been asked. In addition, they enter each other's dreams and do work while dreaming.

Another psychic couple told me that they enjoy playing games with each other. For example, one partner will read the name on an obituary and the other partner will try to contact the deceased and list all of the information in the obit. How's that for Sunday morning fun?!

Here's another story: One psychic told me that she often asks her husband to go to a grocery to pick up a specific item. However, she can intuitively see the grocery store and tell if they are out of the item so when they are out of that item, she sends him to a different grocery store. The husband gets irritated by her micro-management and likes to go to the first grocery store just to see if she is right. She is . . . on to the second store.

In addition to amusing each other, some spouses have benefitted from having a psychic spouse who can help them work through their personal issues and challenges. One psychic has been married for 22 years and has been able to help her husband clear mental and emotional blockages. She told me that her husband had been an adopted child and that he had had a lot of anger when they met. She was able to help him work through his anger and become the bright, caring person he is today.

However, some of the psychics realize that they have to be cautious and try not to let what they know negatively impact their marriage. One psychic told me that she needs to be careful not to dismiss her partner's ideas just because she has psychic insights on certain issues. When they have a difference of opinion, she has to monitor her thoughts to make sure she doesn't allow herself to feel smarter than her husband just because she has some intuitive answers.

Other spouses are put off by what their psychic partner knows. They feel that they can't get away with anything because the psychic partner often knows what was going on.

I interviewed one person who was divorced three times and two people who were divorced twice and are currently married. Someone might wonder why psychics could be divorced three times. How come they didn't know that they should not marry a particular suitor? The psychics provided the same kinds of reasons for failed marriages as everyone else. For example, one psychic knew she wasn't supposed to marry her first husband, but she was young and her mother made her marry him. In other cases, the spouse was cheating.

One psychic who had been married and divorced three times told me that during her second marriage, her husband had had an affair and he didn't appreciate the fact that she knew about the affair because she was psychic. Neither of them could handle the reality that she knew what he was doing. She added that, "Everybody who is in our life is a soul mate of a sort. At the time, my marriages were choices I made in order to have growth-producing experiences." She reminded me that psychics were simply messengers for information; they had lessons to learn just like everyone else.

Another psychic echoed this point when she told me that she went with her intuition even when she knew things were not going to work out in the long run. She knew that there were reasons to have relationships with the people she was with, for them and for her. Even if she knew the relationship wasn't going to last forever, she knew there was a reason to be with that person.

In some cases, psychics feel that their marriage is not impacted by their intuitive abilities because their spouse is not interested in the information which can be provided by the psychic. If partners don't want to be read, the psychics don't read for them. The psychics keep their insights to themselves or they just don't apply their gifts to their relationships.

Another reader conceded that being psychic had hurt his marriage. He told me that there were spirits coming in and out of the couple's bedroom all night long, so his wife never slept well. They began sleeping in separate bedrooms and eventually separated.

I suppose that being married to a psychic is similar to any other marriage. Each partner brings their gifts and talents and people either learn to appreciate the unique characteristics of their spouse, or they resent those characteristics and the marriage suffers. When the partner is psychic, these particular gifts can be used to amuse each other and cement the marriage together, or can become a source of irritation and an excuse for distance between the spouses. Just like every other marriage.

What do you think? Send your comments to me at


August 24, 2009

The Private Lives of Psychics: Dating

When I think about dating, I remember it being a time of exhilaration and anxiety. Who would ask me out? How would it go? What would happen? It seemed to me that dating would be so much easier if I knew the answers in advance! I could know who was worth going out with, who was a dud, and whether or not things would work out. If only I were psychic . . .

So, what do psychics think? Do they know in advance how things will work out? Is dating easier when a person is psychic?

The answers are all over the place. Here are some interesting examples:

One psychic told me that as a teenager she worked with a Ouija board and asked "Who will I marry?" She was told that she would marry a man named "Bob." She hated that name, but eventually, years later, she married a man named "Rob."

Also while in high school, one of the psychics was able to consistently picture her boyfriend in her mind, picture a telephone with the boyfriend, and get him to call her!

One psychic told me that she looked at a man's palm and knew that they were destined for marriage. They didn't even know each other at the time. She wasn't particularly interested in marrying him and found it very eerie to see herself in someone else's hand.

Similarly, another psychic who was unsure of the relationship she was in told me that she did automatic writing and Spirit told her, "This is your beloved. This is the one you have prayed for and waited for." She had made a list of what she wanted in a man and he had met most of the qualifications. Even so, she had endured other difficult relationships and she needed to have Spirit re-assure her that this was the right man for her. They are happily married today.

On the other hand, a couple of psychics told me that being psychic can be a barrier to relationships because people don't feel comfortable dating psychics. In some cases, people don't like to date psychics because they don't believe in psychic ability or don't like the idea of someone dabbling in the unknown. Other people worry that the psychic partner will know all of their secrets. And, sometimes, psychics are emotionally-sensitive or have other issues which make them difficult to date. For example, many psychics pick up on other people's emotions and don't like to be in crowded movie theaters or restaurants. The non-psychic partner may not understand why the psychic feels this way.

Another psychic told me that she was not easy to date. When she was with a man, she picked up on his health issues. It was difficult for her to be with someone who drank too much or had other addictions. With one partner, she kept feeling like he was going to have a heart attack. When he had health problems, she began having health problems because she took on his afflictions.

One psychic told me, "It makes it easier to date because you can flesh out the bullsh-t. It also makes it harder because you can't play games. It's about integrity. I want to come from the clearest space I can. I want to be able to tell people who I am and what I do."

Another psychic mentioned that his partner wanted psychic readings and the psychic was reluctant to read for this person because if the truth was not what the person wanted to hear, the psychic feared it would affect the relationship. It can be difficult to read for the people who psychics date.

In another case, a psychic admitted that she always went with her intuition even when she knew things were not going to work out in the long run. She knew there were reasons to be with the people she was with, for them and for her. Even if she knew the relationship wasn't going to last forever, she knew there were lessons to be learned.

Here is another way in which being psychic can be a barrier to dating and relationships: some psychics understand that they are here to help other people and that their work requires that they move around the country. One psychic told me that she moved too often to be able to form lasting romantic relationships.

On a lighter note, one psychic told me that her boyfriend keeps wanting to throw surprise birthday parties for her. It never works out well because she is psychic! On the other hand, because she is psychic, she enjoys freaking him out just for the fun of it. They watch quiz shows together and she enjoys calling out the answers before the questions are asked!

One psychic told me that she can read for other people, but she can't read for herself so she never knew if dating would work out.

What about psychics who meet other psychics?
Two couples told me that they knew immediately that they were destined to be together. They recognized each other and a feeling that they already knew each other. Pretty quickly they realized that they had had relationships in other lifetimes. However, for one psychic who knew that the couple had had trouble together in several lifetimes, it created a different kind of dynamic and drama where he wanted to scream, "I'm sick of this person!"

I guess the answer is that being psychic can make dating easier and harder. Maybe it just makes dating more complicated.

Do you have an interesting dating story to share? E-mail it to me at Thanks!


August 13, 2009

Do you think God is involved in your work?

When I tell people that I am working on a project with psychics, some people don't want to talk about this research. They don't like the idea of psychics because they fear that psychics are connecting with negative energies or are dabbling in areas where they shouldn't be dabbling. Interestingly, many of these people are religious and while they pray to God and nurture a personal relationship with God, they have been taught that psychics are not working with the same God energy. So I asked the psychics straight-out, "Do you think God is involved in your work?"

The answer is "Yes." All of the psychics tell me that they believe that some form of God is involved in their work although they don't always use the term "God." They work with a high level of energy and each of the psychics has their own feelings about the concept of God. Most readers tell me that they connect with a God-force energy.

Some of the psychics are reluctant to use the word "God" because the term "God" is too closely connected with organized religion and they feel that religion and spirituality are not always the same thing. They also tell me that the concept of God is huge and it shouldn't be referred to in a way which limits the God energy. They refer to this energy as the "Supreme Creator of the Universe," the "Holy Spirit," a Higher Power, a Universal Energy which connects all of us, a Universal Consciousness, a Universal Intelligence, a Divine Source, and "The Force." Another psychic thought that it might be more-effective to call this energy "A Source" - what all of creation comes from.

One of the psychics pointed out that the word "God" is a defining label and that she thinks there is more to God than what we usually think of as God. She feels that calling it "God," is putting God in a box. She pointed out that in the Jewish tradition, the word "God" is never spelled out; it is hyphenated as "G-d." In her opinion, using the word God makes the concept smaller, while using the term G-d, is less limiting; it enhances the concept and allows it to be whatever a person thinks it is. That is one of the reasons I often use the term "G-d" when writing this blog.

Another psychic told me that he had recently been receiving messages that G-d doesn't want us to confine him or name him. A strong message came to him saying, "Quit trying to name me. Quit trying to tell me that I am Mohamed, Elijah, or Buddha - I am all these things. Simply . . . I am!"

This same psychic added that he sometimes calls the energy "the Higher Spirit." He is afraid to call it G-d because he is afraid to say that he is speaking for G-d, although he thinks that he connects with the energy of G-d. He has felt that Jesus may have spoken to him several times, but he notes that this would be Jesus as a prophet, just like Isaiah or Elijah. It is the energy of these people. He calls these people "Ascended Masters" or the highest spirits.

Several of the psychics believe in multiple gods. However, when they read for a client, they try to use terms which the client will understand so they generally refer to a singular G-d.

One of the psychics told me, "I think G-d is love. Ultimately, G-d and G-ddess are love. The thing that holds the Universe together is love. People think that love is a passive energy. Love is the most serious dynamic force on the planet . . . "

Another psychic noted that she absolutely worked with the power of G-d. She asked, "Without the G-d force putting me together as I am today, what would I have to offer?"

Well said.


July 29, 2009

Hello. Guess what? It's time for Tucson's Psychic Fair! It will be held this Sunday, August 2, at the Windmill Inn at River and Campbell, from 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. I will be there and I will have a new product, My Psychic Search Notebook. The Notebook has tips on selecting and talking to psychics, has blank pages for you to write down what the psychics say along with the psychics' contact information, and has a pocket in the back so there is a place to put all the brochures, flyers and cards which you collect. If you need a Notebook, come see me!

Now, onto this week's big question: What do the psychics tap into?

This is a big question! What is out there? Is there really something more than life on Earth? This topic brings up the big philosophical questions of the ages: What is out there? Can we know what is out there? What is our place in the Universe? Okay, enough of that. Let's concentrate on what the psychics told me that they tap into.

Nineteen psychics told me that they access information from one or more of these sources:

Spirit Guides (their Guides and/or the client's Guides)
The Creator by any name (most of the people I interviewed agreed that there was a higher power facilitating their connection, by whatever name it was called: G-d force energy, Buddha, Universal Energy, Universal Intelligence, etc.)
The Holy Spirit
The Higher Realms (Guides, angels, G-d by any name)
Their Higher Self and/or the client's Higher Self (the part of us which survives death)
A group which seemed like a spiritual family
A collective unconsciousness
A cosmic library of images and information
Akashic Records
A personal consciousness
A global consciousness
Ascended Masters such as Mother Mary, Kwan Yin (the Goddess of Compassion; similar to an Oriental Mother Mary), Buddha, Christ and Djwal Khul
The Emissaries of Light
The VOICE (a facet of the Divine)
The Quantum field
Nature's Intelligence
Devas of the Plants (Devas are flower angels and there is a Deva for each type of plant)

Two psychics don't know what they tap into, but have learned to trust the quality of the information which they receive.

In many cases, the information source is closely linked to the kind of work the person does. For example, the woman who works with flower essences communicates with the Devas of the plants. The gentleman who carves masks accesses a cosmic library of images. The woman who works with light energy communicates with the Emissaries of Light. When psychics read for clients who are sitting across from them, they are most likely to access Spirit Guides, their Higher Selves, angels, Universal Energy and the Holy Spirit. When they are working, they know with whom they are communicating, i.e., they can often name the particular angel, or the particular Spirit Guide who is providing information.

Here are some quotes from the psychics which provide additional insights:

☼ I connect with Spirit Guides and with people's Higher Selves (souls). I talk to people who have passed (the part of them that lives on after death).

☼ I think I am attuned to my Higher Self and my Higher Self knows what I need to do and that gets me connected. When I am connected to my own spirit, I know that I can help others.

☼ A great deal of what you are connecting with is your Higher Self. It is your connection to the energy of the Universe. Part of that comes from training in hypnotherapy: you realize that you have to get into the subconscious. The subconscious is there to protect you and when you get to the other side of it, you learn things. When you can get past your own walls and get to that place of freedom where all information is stored, there is a connection to spirit.

☼ I communicate with a group. My understanding is that there are seven groups and we all come from one of these groups. It's like a family group. There are groups of healers, teachers, adventurers, musicians, etc. We all have those abilities, but the groups we come from influence our abilities.

☼ I call it the Higher Spirits. I am afraid to call it G-d because I am afraid to say that I am speaking for G-d, but I think that it is the energy of G-d.

☼ When you give the entities who are providing information a name or a label of any sort you are narrowing down the information and the opportunity to get information. If you only call on Archangel Michael, then that's all you are going to get. I take whoever is out there and wants to give information.

☼ I connect with the Higher Realms. I connect into the higher frequencies and that is where I do my work. I go into a certain "space" where I connect with clients energetically in the Higher Realms on the higher frequencies (energy vibrating at a faster pace). I connect to the client's Higher Self. My Higher Self works with their Higher Self then it comes down into physical reality.

☼ For me, the highest level of information comes from the Holy Spirit. If I get information without the client being there, it is most likely that I am getting Divine Will. This level of energy provides answers regarding life path and other big decisions.

Wow. These are amazing reports!

See you on Sunday!


July 22, 2009

I have been having a lot of fun with My Psychic Search lately. I attended two introductory classes on Quantum Physics and they were fascinating. Apparently, there is a place where physics meets consciousness. Now that I have the baseline information on quantum physics, the next class is going to discuss consciousness. Should be interesting.

I am also going to an energy workshop this weekend. I don't know exactly what will happen, but I'll report back if I suddenly become intuitive!

Yesterday, there was a major solar eclipse in parts of the world. One of the people I interviewed told me that this solar eclipse would have impacts for more than 100 years. The eclipse was bringing in information which would help people better understand how the Universe worked.

Okay, back to the often-asked questions:

Where did their gift come from?

People have asked me to ask the psychics where their gift came from. The answer has two parts. One answer is, "It is a gift from God." Several readers told me that they made an agreement before coming to Earth to help people. Most psychics believe that intuition is a natural God-given talent which helps people navigate this world. They believe that everyone can develop their intuition.

The second answer is related to family. Many of the psychics were raised in families where other members were also psychic. It seems that there is either a genetic predisposition to be strongly psychic or the psychics were raised in families where their gift was accepted and nurtured. Keep in mind that I didn't interview people with a "normal" amount of intuition, I interviewed people with a strong gift so I think it might be easier to see how things work.

I asked the psychics, Does psychic ability run in your family? Let's look at the numbers:

Of the 21 psychics I interviewed, 17 said that they saw the gift elsewhere in their family.

   11 said that their mother had intuitive abilities 
    2 said that they were not certain, but that they thought that 
       their mother had abilities
    1 psychic said that her dad was gifted
    3 people told me that they didn't see it in their parents, but
       they saw it elsewhere in their family, for example, one of
       their grandparents was intuitive

Four psychics told me that they were the only people in their family with psychic abilities. Of these four, only one was born with the gift and the other three developed it later in life.

What about brothers and sisters?
    9 psychics saw the talent in a brother or sister
    4 psychics did not see the talent in a brother or sister
    The rest didn't comment on their siblings.

What about the psychics' children?
   15 psychics have children
     6 psychics did not have children

   Of the 15 psychics with children, 11 saw the talent in their
   children, 2 did not, and 2 didn't comment on their childrens'

Can we draw any conclusions from these answers? I always have to start with the fact that I only interviewed 21 people so my information probably wouldn't stand up to scientific testing. And, as my college-student daughter keeps reminding me, "Correlation is not causation." With that said, it sure seems like there is a genetic component to psychic ability, especially in the kind of people who have strong gifts. It seems that anyone can develop a certain amount of intuition, but to be really good at it, the person had to have been born with the gift. Many of the people who were born with the gift were in gifted families. There seems to be an especially strong tie to having a mother with psychic abilities. Does psychic ability come down the mother's line? Perhaps.

Why would genetics have anything to do with psychic ability? One of the psychics surmised that she was psychic because her brain was wired a bit differently than other people. In her family,  her mother, her brother, her aunt and her child are psychic. In this case, there really does seem to be a genetic component to her psychic ability. However, she was also one of the people who was born knowing she was psychic. This just gets more complicated! One theory is that she knew before she was born that she was here to assist people with her psychic gifts, so she chose to be born into a family where this gift would be accepted, understood and nurtured. It's possible!

What do you think? Have you seen families where several members have psychic ability?


July 11, 2009

Hello. I am getting ready for tomorrow's Psychic Fair at the Windmill Inn and I wanted to remind everyone that tomorrow is the big day. If you want to talk to a psychic and find out things for yourself, come to the Fair!

People often ask me, "How did the psychics know they were psychic?" and "Can anyone develop psychic abilities?" Here are the answers:

Of the 21 people I have interviewed, four (19%) told me that they were born knowing they were psychic, another thirteen (62%) told me that they knew they were different from other children, but didn't know what they had until they figured it out somehow, and four (19%) told me that they were normal children and that they developed their gifts later in life. I think this means that the most-talented psychics were born with the gift, but that the rest of us can develop our abilities if we put in the time and effort.

If you are interested in knowing more, here are the details:

The four psychics who told me they came in knowing either remembered their past lives and how the Universe worked or remembered making an agreement before they were born to come to Earth and help other people. They had experiences in childhood which reinforced their "knowing." One psychic told me that when her class learned about World War II in second grade, she remembered the whole thing and couldn't get out of bed for a week.

In addition to the four psychics who came in "knowing," thirteen of the people I interviewed told me that they had childhood experiences which led them to believe that they were different from other children. For example, these people saw fairies, astral traveled, hung out with spirits, or knew things about other people which they had no logical way of knowing. At eight years old, one psychic told his mom that a neighborhood friend was pregnant before there were any indications that the woman was pregnant. Another psychic told me that she started seeing people's auras when she was eight years old. A third psychic told me that, at five years old, he had an out-of-body experience.

These thirteen children discovered that there was something different about them, but it took a while to put the pieces together. Four of them were confused until they found a teacher who was able to explain what was going on. Another four of them told me that once they began researching, studying and exploring metaphysics on their own, they figured out the gifts which they had and they were able to enhance their abilities. One person told me that she knew she was different as a child and that she had Spirit Guides who came to her and explained what was going on. Three people who knew they were different as children figured out that they were psychic when they either had a near-death experience (NDE) or medical issues which opened up their abilities. The other psychic figured things out on her own.

Four people told me that they didn't know they were gifted as children and that they developed their abilities as teens or adults. One of these people had an NDE which opened up her abilities and, afterwards, she began studying spirituality. The other three told me that they began exploring on their own (playing with Ouija boards or Tarot cards or taking classes) and were able to develop their abilities.

This should give us all hope that even if we were not born with psychic abilities, we can develop them through classes and experimentation. According to the psychics, intuition is a G-d given right.

Are you psychic? How did you know?

See you tomorrow at the Fair!


June 23, 2009

IONS Conference

I just spent four days at the IONS (Institute of Noetic Sciences) conference in Tucson. Overall it was very enjoyable and I met some exceptional people. At the conference, there were three themes for presentations:

1) Science meets the Unknown: presentations on the scientific basis of ESP; information on quantum physics and fractal mathematics; a presentation on premonitions; and a presentation on the results from scientific experiments demonstrating how one person's thoughts can affect the photons of far-away objects.

2) Consciousness Development: there were people chanting, Native American rituals, story-telling, a presentation by a spiritual guru, a presentation on fostering peak experiences in the business world, and inspirational talks by people who have started movements to save children from slavery, extend medical services to people in need, and foster forgiveness and peace throughout the world.

3) Helping the Earth: presentations on the declining state of the natural environment and discussions on how to save the Earth, including information on global warming and sustainable development; and presentations on how global belief systems are evolving and how we can encourage the evolution of thought in a way which aids the planet.

While I enjoyed all three types of presentations, I am still trying to figure out how to make them work together. The thread which weaves these three areas together is that we need to understand consciousness and we need to shift our belief systems and use our untapped abilities (such as consciousness) to save the Earth from environmental degradation and from our current inability to live together peacefully and in a way in which meets people's needs. In some unseen way, we are all connected. What I have not yet grasped is how to use the conference information in day-to-day work so that it ends up at the scale which alleviates global problems. Is saving the Earth a top-down process or one that we can achieve from the bottom up?

I took home two major messages: we each need to do own our part to solve problems whether it is through research, education, promoting peace or extending respect and friendship; and we all need to work together to shift our consciousness so that we can find solutions to global issues. I also discovered that I need to learn more about quantum physics.

How does this discussion relate to My Psychic Search project? This project is documenting psychics' work and their ability to tap into unseen information, and is encouraging people to explore the unknown. It is also providing the psychics' answers about our place in the larger Universe and this information is similar to the information presented at the conference. As a result of the IONS conference, I am wondering if it is possible to bring intuitively-sourced information into our consciousness so that it can be used to protect the Earth. This is my part of the puzzle and I am glad that you are here to participate with me.

Here are two photos from the conference:

Bruce Lipton author of "The Biology of Belief" and me.
Julie Gieseke and her amazing art which captured our ideas.

June 17, 2009

I am excited about the IONS conference which starts tomorrow in Tucson. IONS stands for the Institute of Noetic Sciences. According to their website which can be found at, they are "a non-profit membership organization located in Northern California that conducts and sponsors leading-edge research into the potentials and powers of consciousness - including perceptions, beliefs, attention, intention, and intuition. The Institute explores phenomena that do not necessarily fit conventional scientific models, while maintaining a commitment to scientific rigor." They have many interesting speakers lined up for the conference. Next week, I'll give you an update on what I learned.

This past week, I was interviewed about My Psychic Search by Leah Taylor for her radio show. Leah is a Tucson psychic who has a show called "Spirit and Energy" on BlogTalkRadio. This was my first radio interview and it runs about 30 minutes. If you are interested, you can hear the interview at

Today, I want to answer two questions which were recently e-mailed to me by blog readers:

Question 1: When it comes to reincarnation, does it matter whether a person believes in the paranormal or the spiritual afterlife? Is a believer more likely to be able to channel him/herself back when he/she dies than a non-believer?

Good question! The answer is: It doesn't matter what you believe. The psychics tell me it's just like gravity. Whether you believe in gravity or not, it works. If you have more to learn or to experience, you are coming "back." I put that in quotes because "back" doesn't have to mean Earth. There are infinite spots to go to and infinite experiences to have. Apparently, we are all multi-dimensional beings and this particular life is just one part of what we (the big We) are doing right now. It's a little mind-boggling, isn't it?

One more point, several of the psychics have told me that where we go after we pass can depend on what we believe in. For example, a person who believes in a certain image of Heaven, may go there.

Question 2) I believe that we are all meant to live long lives and that accidents/diseases happen to certain people. Are we truly all predestined and, if so, what is the point of free will? People try to eat healthy to prolong their lives but, if we are all predestined for disease, why bother?

Another interesting question. This is what I have heard from the psychics: We all have life plans which we create before we are born which will help us learn the lessons we need to learn. We may want to experience illness or difficulty in order to learn from those experiences. That's one part of the equation. Next, everyone has multiple "exit points" during their life and they have some ability to determine if they want to leave early. Accidents and illnesses provide some of these exit points. Finally, we do have free will so even though there is a general plan for our lives, we can make decisions within that plan. For example, there may be several relationships which would give us the same opportunities for growth and we can choose the relationship we like.

In addition, one of the things which the psychics taught me is that they can see which way the energy is going in our life and, because we have free will, we can change the direction of the flow. For example, a psychic may be able to see disease coming, but we can amp up our diet and exercise routines and build up our immunities so that we can minimize or avoid the disease. It's a combination of a general plan and free will within that plan.

I hope that this answer helps. Frankly, I would welcome any information from psychics who could help answer this question more fully.

Thanks for the questions! Keep them coming!


May 29, 2009

Project Update
I have reached my goal of interviewing 20 people for this project. However, I went back and counted how many interviewees told me that they were psychic and it was only 14 out of 20. The rest tell me that they are energy workers, intuitives, or gifted. My impression is that they all have psychic insights, even though they don't think of themselves as psychics.

The last two people who I interviewed told me that they had experienced comas and that after the comas, their gifts were enhanced. The first woman, an Astrologer, had been in a car accident which lead to a coma. The second woman didn't have a medical reason for her unconscious state, but felt that it was a time for her to be "rewired" in order to handle all of the new information which would be brought to her, and through her, during the subsequent years.

Several other psychics have told me that they have had Near Death Experiences (NDEs). In some cases, they remember seeing the other side, in some cases, the NDE enhanced their intuitive gifts, and in some cases, they don't remember anything at all. This isn't a scientific number, but it seems that there is a higher rate of NDEs among the psychics I have talked with than there is among my "regular" friends. As a matter-of-fact, several psychics have told me that they have had multiple NDEs.

Imagination versus Information
One of the questions I have started asking people is, "How can you differentiate between information coming from the ‘outside' and your own imagination?"

One psychic told me that he clearly hears voices. If the level of intuition is pretty basic, grounded and practical, the voice sounds like his own voice. If the information is applicable to relationships and health, the voice sounds like a conversation. When he connects to the Holy Spirit, the voice is extremely loud and not his voice. He told me that information which is coming from an "outside" source feels completely different than information coming from his imagination. He can always discern the difference. However, he acknowledged that when he teaches other people how to use their gifts, this can be a stumbling block. They need to learn to discernment.

Another psychic told me that she knows when she is getting information from a Higher Source because she gets information which she just couldn't imagine. It is not how she thinks. Sometimes she goes to a restaurant with her husband. They sit down to a meal and she suddenly gets the feeling that they need to leave. They had been looking forward to dinner, but need to leave immediately. She told me that, "Sometimes the messages don't make sense, but they are so strong that you know it is not your imagination."

During readings, she also receives information which she couldn't have made up. She gets pictures and stories which don't make any sense to her, but when she relays them to the client, they know exactly what the messages mean. The clients leave happy and at peace.

In addition, sometimes when she glimpses her own future, she isn't ready to acknowledge that the information could be correct. She doesn't always want to see the future which she sees, however, time proves that the information is correct.

Another woman who thinks of herself as an energy conduit told me that psychic information comes on its own, unexpectedly. Her imagination feels like a thought, like she is looking for something, or forcing something. If she steps back and just sees what pops up, information comes by itself. Through experimenting over the years, she has learned to step back. It comes with practice. She told me that there are exercises which have been developed over centuries to help people get over emotion and imagination and move to the next step which is real information coming from something beyond our own desires, expectations and hopes. Pure information.

One of the energy workers told me about a past-life regression which she experienced. She was under hypnosis and she went to the year 1876. She was able to describe things which she had never seen in this life. For example, she was able to describe the Native American boots she was wearing and particular weaving patterns which she had never seen. She continually questioned herself and wondered if she was making up the information. Sometime later, she found the weaving patterns in a book.

In the process of doing her energy work, she also receives information. She told me that receiving information feels different. It's easy to tell the difference between her imagination and her psychic insights. She has worked in stained glass, weaving and watercolors so whenever she did creative and imaginative work, she used internal energy. When she received information from a different source, it was very concise and informed. It was information which she could not have known on her own.

Finally, one psychic told me that when you imagine something, you make it up. When you begin to use all of your faculties, and you are integrated, you trust that you are getting the information from a Higher Source. The key is not to have ego in there. Ego and personality mess things up. If we become too ego-involved, we add in some intention about what we think is right and we put in things which may not be appropriate. Information has to come from pure energy. That is the trick for all of us.


May 13, 2009

What does "Psychic" mean to you?
So far, I have interviewed 18 "psychics" for this project. I put this word in quotes because they don't all think of themselves as psychics. They call themselves intuitives, readers, healers, energy workers, or conduits. I think it is fascinating that there are so many areas of psychic expertise. I recently interviewed someone who predicts financial markets and international issues. I have also interviewed an animal communicator and a woman who does energy work for organ transplant patients. I tend to think that all of these "sub-specialities" fall under the "psychic" umbrella. However, one of the people I interviewed explained that, to her, "Psychic" is limited to seeing, knowing or hearing something which is going to happen or is out there in the ether. She thinks that everyone has intuition, but that the ability to see and connect to spirit is a different kind of gift. It's the difference between general information and specific items of information. I am always looking for a better word which encompasses all of these "extra" abilities, and which the public will understand. Any suggestions?

What does the word "psychic" mean to you? Is it an umbrella term or a specific skill?

Psychic vs. Psychotic
I talked to a woman a few weeks ago who works with people with mental illness. She thinks that the difference between "psychic" and "psychotic" might be whether or not the person knows that they have extra-ordinary abilities. If they know they have an ability, they are psychic. If they don't know that they have an ability, and they just live between worlds, that is mental illness.

Looking for Psychics to Interview
As I mentioned, I have already interviewed 18 people for this project and my goal is to interview 20 psychics. Do you know anyone who might like to be interviewed? As I mentioned, not all of the people I have interviewed consider themselves to be psychic, so I might actually need a few extra interviews. If you know of anyone, please let me know.

Upcoming Conference
The international Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) will be holding their annual conference in Tucson from June 17 - 21. If you are interested in this conference, the website address is Apparently, "Noetics" is a word for "inner knowing."

How do Psychics Improve their Skills?
I asked several of the people who I interviewed if they worked to improve their psychic abilities. Did they take classes or read books? Most of them answered that they tried to improve their abilities through meditation, classes, or reading.

One of the psychics told me that she maintains her openness by taking an hour-long walk most mornings. She feels that her morning walk is like a daily meditation and that meditation helps information come to her quickly and clearly.

Another psychic echoed that sentiment, stating that she takes time to listen to her inner guidance. She feels that the quieter she gets, the more she can hear. In addition, several psychics stressed the importance of maintaining a quiet, calm, centered state. If they are not centered, their readings may not be as good as they might have been.

One of the psychics told me that the best way for her to improve her abilities was to lay back and let go a little bit. She is the kind of person who puts pressure on herself to be perfect and sometimes she just needs to relax and take care of herself. She told me that, "The more tired I am, the more I let go, and the more I lose control of the situation, the more information comes to me. Sometimes when you let go, great things happen."

A couple of psychics told me that they worked with mentors, and several psychics told me that they talked with other psychics. They helped each other. Even psychics need sounding boards occasionally.

Many of the psychics told me that they read books, or that books just fell off of the shelf and magically opened to just what the psychic needed to read at that time.

In addition, some of the psychics attend classes, workshops and conferences. They enjoy both attending and teaching classes and are very happy to attend workshops put on by other psychics. The psychics who do energy work have received Reiki, or other energy, training. Some of the psychics work with informational systems which require them to attend continuing education classes in order to remain certified to teach classes.

Some of the psychics test themselves by playing games such as having a friend read the Sunday obituaries, then having the psychic tell the friend what was in the obituary without having read it. Others try to determine who is calling on the phone before they answer the call. More simply, they try to predict when the phone will ring. Several of the psychics told me that they look for synchronicities in life. They back track and double-check their insights.

One of the psychics admitted that she watches psychic shows on TV just for the fun of it.

All of the psychics told me that, one way or another, they are always learning, growing, and improving their psychic abilities.


That's all for now. Let me know if you have questions, comments, or suggestions.


April 25, 2009

Trusting Your Intuition

I was interviewing a psychic last week and I asked him one of my standard questions: What are the pros and cons of being psychic? Most of the psychics tell me that the best part is that they are able to help people. They are really excited that the work they do can benefit someone else's life. I wrote about the pluses and minuses in my last blog update.

Well, the psychic I interviewed last week had a different, and interesting, answer. He gave me two examples of the pros and cons of using psychic insights. The message was that being psychic gave him directions for how to move in his life. The downside was that his actions could be misconstrued as rude or arrogant.

Here are the examples:

First example: If you were coming home from work, your intuition might tell you to take a different route. What you don't want to ask is, "Why?" If you got home and found out that there had been an accident on the street you were to have taken, your intuition would have been confirmed and you would know why you needed to take a different route home. If there was no accident, you would have no way of knowing if you might have been the car in the accident that had been avoided. Even though there was no confirmation, your insight probably lead you to the correct choice; that's a good thing.

Second example: You meet someone and you get a strong sense that you should not associate with this person either because they have bad or negative intent. Or maybe they just have a cold. If you honor your feeling, you should not want something to happen to confirm your intuition. You don't want to wait until you get hurt and then say, "Oh, I knew I should have stayed away." The better action to take is to move away before reality confirms your intuition. Unfortunately, some people may think you are rude or a snob because you are following your intuition before the person has done anything wrong. You have to accept that there may not be evidence in your reality that you were correct.

Do you follow your hunches and trust your intuition? Has reality confirmed your intuition? Can you be comfortable when you don't get the confirmation? Let me know what you think.


April 3, 2009

Just so you know: Tucson's next Psychic Fair will be held on April 5 at the Windmill Inn at the corner of Campbell Avenue and River Road.

What are the pluses and minuses to being psychic? To working as a psychic reader?

This blog entry provides a glimpse into the lives of psychics. I asked the psychics about the pluses and minuses of being psychic and working as a psychic. The most common response on the "plus" side was that it was very rewarding to help people. It felt very purposeful. Readers had the sense that helping people was why they were here on Earth and that anything that they could do to help someone else make their road in life easier was a blessing.

Here are additional "plus perspectives" from the 16 psychics who I have interviewed:

☼ I am able to help a lot of people. Helping is what this ability is supposed to be about. I feel that I am empowering people.

☼ I get an inside tip on things.

☼ I want to know things. I want to know everything. Being psychic gives me the tools to do that.

☼ You are so sensitive, the joys are tremendous. Even with little things, you're like a happy little kid. The downside is the opposite. When you are hurt . . . it's devastating. When I know good things are going to happen in our lives I am giddy. When I see sad things, I suffer because I see them coming, I suffer if I try to stop them and no one listens, and I suffer afterward because I know that they could have been prevented.

☼ Another plus is that it helps you when you are buying things! You know if something is a good deal. I couldn't live without it. I wouldn't want to live without it!

☼ These abilities save wear and tear in that there are times when I have been able to save my own life by knowing about things like where to drive, or where not to drive, to avoid an accident.

☼ I am able to make a living doing a type of work that I truly love; it is very rewarding to help people.

☼ One plus is the way that I can talk about things when I am going through changes. In the past, I could talk to anyone in a superficial way, but now I ask different questions and I feel things in a different way. I feel more alive now. I wouldn't change it for anything.

☼ In some cases, the plus and the minus is the same thing; for example, knowing what is in other people's hearts. Sometimes, you don't want what you see to be true and other times it is a blessing to see what is going on with someone.

☼ It is good for soul growth. It is what I am supposed to be doing. I am able to help people.

☼ When someone has broken your heart, you can go to the Universe and say, "I am feeling so sad, it would really help to have a shooting star come by," and the stars show up.

☼ It gives a sense of meaning and direction to life. I enjoy being in touch with possibilities. I like that it opens more possibilities than, "What you see is what you get."

☼ It enlarges my world. There is always the element of synchronicity. I have never felt lonely because I have always felt as if I am a beloved of the Universe. I am one of the Universe's favorite children and so is every other child of the Universe. Most of us just don't know that. I have a hugely intimate connection with the Universe and with the Divine. Some schools of thought say that the Universe is impersonal, but that is not how I experience it. The Universe responds to my needs very delightfully.

In addition to the joys of being psychic, some readers understand that there are challenges to being psychic. Here are a few of their perspectives on the difficulties of being psychic.

☼ Some people discount you if they don't believe in your ability and you can get categorized or labeled.

☼ As a child, I think I was picking up other people's information, but I didn't know that. I couldn't tell the difference between what was mine and what was somebody else's. It overwhelmed me because I was always feeling other people's feelings. Your greatest gift becomes a challenge until you realize what it is. As I got older, I was able to separate what was I was feeling from what other people were feeling. I could tune it in and out.

☼ There is a stigma attached to being psychic.

☼ When I was younger, my abilities were "on" all the time and I didn't know how to shut them off. I had to learn how to control the input so I could deal with it.

☼ When I know things that other people don't know, I have to be careful not to judge other people. Sometimes, because I think I know more than other people, I get sucked into a place where I could easily judge others. I don't ever want to be judgmental.

☼ You have to accept that some people are going to think you are crazy and you can't let that bother you.

☼ Sometimes I know too much. The Universe tells me things that I am not allowed to tell people. Either they are not ready to hear it, or there are things they need to do before they can receive the information. I am clearly told what not to tell them. I want to do what I can to help people, but people have to go through whatever life changes they have to go through to learn and grow and become the people who they are supposed to become. I don't want to circumvent their own learning process. That is not allowed.

☼ I can't always see very well for myself. I can't do a straight psychic reading for myself.

☼ Some psychics seem to have health problems because they neglect certain aspects of their lives because of the craziness in their heads.

☼ In some cases, there is a fine line between insanity and psychic ability. Being empathic can be difficult. I don't like being around too many peoples' emotions at one time. When I am in that situation, I'm not even sure what I am thinking anymore.

☼ It can be very lonely, especially when you would like to have a partner. You are different from "normal" people.

☼ People want to know why I can't come up with lottery numbers. Well, it is not for their highest good. When it's their time to win, they will win!

☼ I am often asked for quick answers, instead of being asked to do formal readings. People want to know "just one thing." I want the communication to be more relaxed and thoughtful.

☼ One minus is that it isn't really a measurable talent. Science has not figured out how to measure psychic ability. If you are good at math, or sports, you can measure that. It is more like being good at art; it's hard to measure.

☼ Another minus is not having a meter to say if you are right or wrong. It can be hard to trust yourself when everything in society says that you are totally insane.

☼ Sometimes it is too hard. How can you tell people what they need to know? How can you take care of people after giving them difficult messages?

☼ Sometimes we get overloaded. There are people who gravitate toward us only because of what we do, and I call them "psychic vampires." The "psychic vampire" wants to know everything and can suck your energy dry. That's their purpose for calling you. I have people who call me every day for information and, after a while, I stop taking their calls.

☼ Being psychic makes you popular at parties. You get a lot of friends who you wouldn't otherwise have; unfortunately, there are those people who want to use you.

☼ Being psychic is really, really hard work. You need to continually learn and use new information.

☼ It is frustrating because you can know something and you can tell it to the person, but you can't make someone change their actions. And sometimes you get information, such as an upcoming death, that you can't do anything about. That's hard.

☼ You have to accept that you are different from other people. If you accept it, it is easy. Some people fight it because they are trying hard to fit in and be like everyone else.

One of the psychics summed things up this way: At first I thought that there were pros and cons. Now, I think of my abilities as gifts. It's all pluses. Whether or not the outcome is a challenge or a reward for someone else, that's their life. As for me, no matter what information I am given, if I give the information with the purest of heart, that's my gift.

Another psychic told me, "I don't think about it as pluses and minuses. Once I got over the fact that I wasn't crazy, I realized that I could just be me in public, all of me. It allows me to be totally me."

A final thought from a psychic: "There are some amazing things which have happened in my life. There isn't a separation between the good and bad aspects of being psychic. It is just how it is." It is just who we are.

See ya at the Psychic Fair on Sunday!


March 9, 2009

More Questions and Answers

For those of you who are following my project, I want to let you know that I have interviewed 15 psychics about what they do and how they do it. The last person I interviewed was a pet psychic and she was a lot of fun. I am a pet-person and it was great to connect with my animals. One of the things I keep discovering is that each of the psychics has their own area of expertise. One psychic may connect with animals while another psychic is an empath and a third psychic gives business advice. I have also discovered that not all of the people I interview like the word "psychic." Does anyone know of a better word which encompasses people with this variety of abilities?

Now, back to those often-asked questions:

1) Do readings work over the phone?

Yes, psychics tell me that they can do readings over the phone. This is as effective, if not more effective than doing readings in person. Why? In person, the psychic might be distracted by a person's facial expressions or body language. It can be hard not to be influenced by a client who is shaking their head, "No. No. No." However, the psychics tell me that several weeks later these clients often call the psychic and tell them that the reading suddenly made sense. They had either figured out the message, figured out who the message was from, or the predicted event had occurred.

2) Do you already know the answers?

Many psychics tell me that they don't give answers to their clients, they just confirm what the clients already know. I'm sure that this is the psychic's perspective, but I'm not sure that the client knows that s/he already knows the answers. On the other hand, some people want to talk with a psychic to hear things they already know just to see if the psychic is able to pick up this information. They want to know that psychic abilities are real or that psychics can connect with their loved ones.

3) Can anyone develop psychic abilities?

Most psychics tell me that anyone can develop their gifts to some degree; however, not everyone can become a professional psychic. Each person is born with talents. Some people create artwork, some people organize schedules, and some people are psychic. Anyone can learn new skills, but the people who work as psychics were often born with a high degree of psychic ability.

If you have a question, please send it to me at


February 18, 2009

Questions & Answers

Hello. I want to thank all of the people who signed up for "My Psychic Search's" e-mail list at the Psychic Fair on Sunday. Everyone who signed up should receive an e-mail about this blog update. The Psychic Fair was very busy in February. There were crowds of people and the people I spoke with seemed pleased with the readings they received.

I am going to take a new approach to the blog updates. Instead of long essays, I am going to try to answer the questions which people ask me about the psychics. I will use the information provided by the thirteen psychics I have interviewed in order to answer these questions. If you have a question which you would like to have answered, e-mail it to me at and I will try to answer it. Here are some of the most-frequently asked questions:

1) How can you tell if a psychic is legitimate?

According to the psychics, it's hard for a client to tell if an unknown psychic is legitimate. There are many people who say they are psychics, but they are only interested in making money doing readings. The best ways to ensure that you are going to a legitimate psychic are (a) to ask a friend for a recommendation, and (b) to make sure that you have a good feeling of connection in your solar plexus when you talk to a psychic. Before you sign up for a private reading, call the psychic and make sure you feel good about the connection; make sure you feel like the psychic has your best interests at heart. Then, just try it. If the psychic isn't the right one for you, you haven't lost that much and you have had an adventure. Next time, ask around for another recommendation and try someone else. You just never know what you might learn when you find the right person for a reading.

2) Do psychics remember what they tell you?

Most psychics tell me that they are like radios or conduits. They receive the information and pass it along to the client, but they don't remember what they told specific clients. Sometimes this can be awkward if they run into the person a few weeks later and the person wants to tell the psychic about what happened after the reading. The psychics have to listen carefully and try to remember the messages they passed along. However, one psychic told me that she immediately taps into the other person's energy when she sees them a second time. She doesn't have to remember what she told them in the past because the information is always right there and she can tap into it as soon as she sees the client again. As always, there is some variety in the answers.

3) How did they know they were psychic?

The psychics I have interviewed all knew that they were born with their psychic abilities. As children, they knew they were different from the other kids because they would talk to the other kids about what they knew and the other children didn't know what the psychics knew. For example, one young psychic turned to a friend she had just met and said, "Doesn't it seem like we have known each other forever?" but the other child had no idea that they had spent time together in the past.

4) Can they turn their abilities on and off?

This answer depends on the psychic. Some psychics can turn their abilities on and off at will and some can't do this. One psychic told me that she gets so much information that it would be very distracting if it were on all the time. She wouldn't be able to concentrate on driving a car unless she could turn it off. Other psychics have told me that they are "on" all the time, but are able to turn it down, like a dimmer switch, when they don't need it. Still other psychics have told me that it is on all the time. One psychic told me that she likes having it on all the time because she feels that she is always surrounded and protected by friends.

Is there something you want to know about psychics? Please send your questions to me at and I will try to answer them. If I don't know the answer, I will ask the next psychic I interview about your question.


February 5, 2009

Chocolate on the other side?

After the last, long, serious blog entry, I thought I would try something a little lighter this time. I asked one of those quirky questions: Can we eat chocolate after we die or should we just enjoy it now? For all of us who have been denying ourselves chocolate to save the calories, and hoping that we can eat endless chocolate in Heaven (isn't that what Heaven is?), I have some bad news: none of the psychics tell me that we can eat chocolate when we don't have a body.

According to my research, we will have lighter, ethereal bodies on the other side. These etheric (energy) bodies will become less and less dense the longer we are not incarnated and if we are energy balls, food is not the same concept as it is here on Earth. One of the psychics noted that chocolate is a human type of "good."

Another psychic told me that when she contacts the other side, she often sees people smoking or cooking, but she thinks it is just a symbol of those things.

On a brighter note, one of the psychics told me that after we die we generally don't have bodies; however, we can do whatever we want to do. If we want to have a body, we can have a body. We can eat chocolate if we want to. It's not the physical thing; it's the sensation of eating chocolate - at least that is something!

Another psychic reminded me that most of us will re-incarnate and the presence of chocolate depends on where we choose to go. He didn't think chocolate was available anywhere else but Earth. However, he theorized that there might be things in other realms which tasted even better.

So, I guess the bottom line is "Why take chances?" Enjoy chocolate while you can.

Happy (chocolate) Valentine's Day!


January 22, 2009

Life after Death? What do the psychics think?

Okay, I am back at work and ready for a blog update. I have interviewed a total of 12 psychics and have heard many fascinating stories. A partial list of the psychics I have interviewed can be found on the "Psychics" page of this website. I am still gathering photos and contact information from additional psychics so I can add them to the list.

Today, I want to share what the psychics have told me about what happens at the time of death and after we die. Everyone I have interviewed has believed in (and often remembers experiencing) re-incarnation. They have all agreed that there is survival of consciousness after death and that we can choose where and when to re-incarnate. None of the psychics is afraid of death, although several mentioned that they don't look forward to the process of dying. Dying can be difficult, but once they are gone, they know they will be fine. Beyond these shared views, there are variations in what the psychics think happens on the other side.

Interestingly, several psychics mentioned that we all have some choice in how and when we die. There are several "exit points" during out lives when we can choose either to leave or to stay. One psychic mentioned that people are not supposed to be trapped in a collapsing body. They are supposed to have a hand in when they leave and be able to leave consciously.

Some people who have experienced near-death experiences, have told me that there is an immediate life evaluation, and it is determined whether or not it is their time to go. If it's their time, they go to the other side. If not, they come back and they are sometimes told that they need to improve their lives.

Another psychic told me that many people don't immediately understand that they are dead. There may be some confusion. At the time of death, most people see relatives or Spirit Guides who take their hand and help them either go over a bridge, or into the light. People who are afraid of the light can go over the bridge. On the other side, there are family members and friends waiting for them. Another psychic told me that when she does readings, she sees people on the other side with friends and family members and, sometimes, she sees multiple generations of people together.

One psychic told me that he had recently witnessed someone at the moment of death and that he could see a tunnel at the end of her bed. An angel and the woman's parents, who had already passed, were beside her and G-d was at the other end of the tunnel. However, the woman was still afraid to die. He noted that people are given the time to let go themselves. However, after a certain amount of time they are advised that it is time to let go. Once she let go, she went down the tunnel.

Another psychic explained that at the time of death a person vacates their body. What happens after that is based on what they expect will happen and on the frequency of their being (their karma). There are many different levels and realms in reality and there are infinite possibilities as to where people can go.

Most psychics agreed that once on the other side, people review how they lived their lives here on Earth and make plans for their next incarnation. They can learn with teachers or explore things on the other side, then reincarnate eventually if they so choose.

One psychic provides a time frame for certain experiences on the other side. She believes that people spend the first 49 days reviewing the Akashic record, which is the record of their soul. They look at what they had to learn in life and whether or not they learned it, and they look at what the soul still needs to finish learning. She noted that we are not physical people trying to have a spiritual experience, we are spiritual entities having a physical experience. We need to find out what the spiritual entity still needs to experience on a physical level. That information dictates where and how the soul will come back. After 49 days, entities may choose to have some time off, or they may choose to come back.

Another psychic explained that at the time of death, people transfer out to the Universe and choose where ever it is they want to go to rehash what they have experienced and decide what to do in the realm of their development. They can choose to stay in the Universe or to be a Guide for someone else. They can choose to be reincarnated as anything - there is no limit. She believes that death is just a transition. In life, we transition from children to teenagers to adults to wives to widows. These transitions are all deaths of one thing and births to another. Ultimately, human death transitions us back to our realm of spiritual life. It is really a beginning of something new.

According to one psychic, Heaven is like a thousand-story building. Everyone gets in unless they have killed themself [note: psychics have a variety of opinions regarding suicide], but they might be in the sub-basement depending on how many levels they have experienced in their own life. The more lives that a person has had where s/he has done hard lessons, the higher up they would be in the building. Heaven is whatever people want it to be; it's spiritual enlightenment; it's being one with G-d. However, after a while, souls feel drawn to more learning because it is boring to be in perfection all the time. At that time, souls can choose to reincarnate. If they stay on the other side, it's harder to move up the ladder because it's harder to learn lessons. It's much easier to learn lessons on Earth. The lessons are harder here, but it is easier to learn them in a physical body.

Another psychic told me that once the spirit has learned everything it has to learn, it is re-absorbed back into that which is, by whatever name you want to call it.

One psychic commented that she had met too many people from the other side not to know that consciousness continues. She also noted that she had met many people here on Earth who she had recognized from previous lifetimes together.

It is reassuring to hear that death is just another part of the life process and that there is nothing to be afraid of. The only thing which dies is the physical body. The spirit, a person's true essence, keeps going.

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January 1, 2009

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