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2008 Weblog

December 17, 2008

It's a magical time of the year and there is a lot going on in the world of Tucson psychics. I want to let everyone know that the next Psychic Fair will be January 4, 2009 at the Windmill Inn on the southeast corner of River Road and Campbell Avenue. I will be there with my "Wild Girls!" and my "(Slightly Wild) Angels," as well as my psychic surveys. I am certain that there will be an interesting array of psychics and healers at the event.

I also want everyone to know that there is a new shop in Catalina called New Moon Haven. One of the co-owners is Beth, a reader who works with flower essences. The shop has flower essences, books, aromatherapy materials, herbal remedies, Tarot card decks, crystals, gifts and home decor. It's lovely. For more information, check the website at

Next, I want to share tips from the psychics about what you should do with the information you hear at a reading.

First, listen to the reading with an open mind. Try not to be listening just for the one thing that you want to hear. You don't want to miss all of the additional information because you are focusing on one single thing.

Second, really listen. Don't just latch onto the first idea you hear and cement it in your mind. Continue to listen as the reader refines the idea and discusses alternative possibilities. Be sure to listen instead of reacting emotionally.

Third, try to tape record the session so that you can review the details later.

Fourth, several readers have told me that they see energy potentials when they work with clients. The energy may be going in a certain direction, but people have free will and are able to make the choices which can turn the energy toward a different direction. There are always multiple possibilities for the future and we can use our own free will to influence what will happen. Nothing is set in stone. If you hear something you don't want to hear, maybe some bad news, take action to prevent the event from occurring. If you hear something which brings up fear, remember that there is always another side to the coin. Ask for details or ask for ways that the situation can be improved. The readers are here to help us figure things out. They can give information and advice that we can use to improve our lives. Just listen.

Finally, I want to think aloud about an interesting conversation I recently had with a psychic. She told me that her body had a genetic ancestry which was a mix of many ethnicities and races. She also told me that she had lived many lifetimes as a variety of individuals, some male, some female, some in Mesopotamia, some here in north America, etc. So the question is: what is our lineage? If we have all lived lives in various cultures and at various times in history, do our past lives and the genetics of our current bodies have anything in common? Which is more "true" to who we are? Are we a product of religious, geographic and cultural genetics, or are we the product of our souls' growth through the experiences of each lifetime? Do we carry body genetics and soul genetics? are they entwined? Is there a way that our variety of past lives is reflected in the body we select when we are born into this world? Or, instead of thinking of ourselves as products of the "Nature vs. Nurture" debate, maybe we are a combination of Nature, Nurture and Soul Evolution. I would be interested in hearing your opinions on this subject.

May your holidays be joyful!


November 24, 2008

Viva La Difference!

Each psychic is unique; however, they can fall into some broad, opposing categories. The more psychics I get to know, the more I see that they are just like the rest of us in that they have differing viewpoints and personal perspectives on being psychic. Just as we don't fit into one simple "non-psychic" group, they don't fit into a simple "psychic" group. Some psychics' perspectives are presented below.

Cultivating vs. concealing talents
Some psychics are born fully aware of their abilities. They understand what they tap into and know from the beginning that they are here to help people. Other psychics realize at a young age that they are unlike other children because they know things that other people don't know. This makes the children feel "different" so they try to hide their gifts and just fit in. They often have difficult lives until they decide to accept who they are and live their authentic lives.

General information vs. problem solving
All of the professional psychics I have interviewed are happy to help people. They seem to fit into one of two groups regarding how they help people. The first group provides intuitive insights to clients. They strive to provide the best, most accurate information possible to the client, and they can cover a variety of topics. People come for general readings, or to ask specific questions, then use the information however they see fit. Once the client leaves, it is up to the client to use the information to create his/her own future.

The second group of psychics is very goal oriented. Their primary motivation is to help clients achieve the specific goals which the clients identify. I interviewed one psychic whose "day job" was Life Coaching. She helps clients to identify specific goals or problems, then helps them to achieve these goals or solve these problems through Life Coaching. Her psychic ability provides an extra tool for her to help people craft their own solutions. She can see multiple futures and she can help her clients to select the future which is right for them. Her passion is to help people go after their dreams.

Similarly, I interviewed another psychic who uses flower essences to help her clients achieve their goals and solve their problems, including goals such as "good health." According to this reader, flower essences vibrate at different frequencies. If a person has a specific problem, such as a sore back, the reader can provide a flower essence which vibrates at the frequency of a person with a healthy back. She uses her intuitive abilities to determine which essences to provide to each client. In addition, she makes the essences herself "knowing" the properties which each plant will be able to provide to the user. Very solutions-oriented.

Wanting to know more vs. not wanting to know more
Here's another difference: some psychics know where their information comes from and some don't know. Many psychics communicate with specific guides and entities who can be named. Other psychics don't know where the information comes from, and don't want to know where it comes from. They often don't ask about the source because they feel it would be overwhelming to know too much. One reader told me that the more she knew, the more she would want to know. She didn't ask too many questions because she wanted to thrive in this world and not wander too far into the spiritual world.

So many perspectives!

Gail Kushner

November 11, 2008

November Psychic Fair and other Musings

The November Psychic Fair was fun, as usual. I sold some "Wild Girl!" pins and three people filled out the Psychic Questionnaire. At a quiet point in the afternoon, I asked one of the psychics to help me to have a psychic experience. He hovered his hands over mine and sent a word to me, but try as I might, I could not get the word (more evidence that I am not psychic). Then, I hovered my hands over his and sent him a word. He guessed, "Cook" and "Clothes." The word was "Clock" - amazingly close! The next Psychic Fair will be held December 7 at Tucson's Windmill Inn, River Road at Campbell Avenue. It is the place to be.

When I am not at the Psychic Fair, I sometimes tell people that I am working on this project and I can tell that they think I am nutty, or working with energies who I should not be working with. They think: the Devil. They don't ask questions or want to know anything more about my project. But, more often, I tell people I am working on this project and they are curious about what I am learning. I tell them about the people I have met and the interesting insights psychics have shared about what it is to be psychic. Sometimes when I tell people about this project, they just open up with their own stories and experiences. One woman told me how she gets regular updates regarding her life at 4:42 a.m., and another woman told me how her deceased sister came to help their father as he was passing away. People have stories to share, but need to know that they have a safe place to share these experiences.

I pick and choose who I tell about "My Psychic Search." I am not ready to "go public" and tell all my friends and family. I worry that they will think I am crazy. I don't think I'm crazy; I am curious! Similarly, some of the psychics have told me that they worry about being judged. Many of them seem to go through periods of hibernation where they try to put their gifts aside and live a "normal" life. But it's not really possible. Being psychic is part of who they are. They find that when they deny their abilities, they are not living authentic lives. In some ways it's easier to just be who they are and risk the judgement. Psychics tell me that part of living as a psychic is getting used to being thought of as nuts, and learning not to let it bother them.

So, both non-psychics and psychics have all sorts of information floating beneath the surface, just waiting for someone they trust to tell them it's okay to share. Let's hope that we are moving into a new era where psychic insights will become more commonplace and socially acceptable.

One more thought: Can psychics be jerks (and can jerks be psychic)? I didn't think so, but this is one of the things I heard about during my interviews. I was told that being psychic is a talent. Some people can paint, some can play music, and some can be intuitive. According to the psychic with whom I was discussing this issue, some people are jerks yet they were born with intuitive talent. Other people can be highly evolved, but not have any psychic ability at all. I had thought that people who could tap into the ether, would know better than to act like jerks. Apparently not!

Let me know if you have a psychic story to share, or an opinion on whether or not jerks can be psychic. It's all news to me.


October 29, 2008

How to Prepare for a Reading

Hello again. I want to apologize for not updating my Blog for several weeks. I make and sell "Wild Girl!" pins at local crafts fairs, and it is "crafts fair season" in Tucson. My attention has been diverted from My Psychic Search blog updates, but I have still been interviewing psychics and having amazing experiences. I have interviewed seven psychics and have an eighth interview scheduled for next week.

For those of you who are in Tucson, the November Psychic Fair will be held this Sunday at the Windmill Inn. The Psychic Fair provides the opportunity to meet many local psychics and take them for a "test drive." The psychics provide 15-minute readings for $20. You can meet as many psychics as you would like to meet and if you would like longer readings, you can arrange for private readings with the psychics of your choice. For more information on who will be at the Fair, you can check

I will be at the Psychic Fair selling "Wild Girl!" pins and asking people to fill out the Client Questionnaire so that I can find out what people are thinking when they talk to psychics. Eventually, I will be able to share this information with the readers.

If you decide to have a "sample" reading at the fair, or to schedule a longer, private appointment, here are some tips from the psychics for getting your best reading.

First, feel free to bring a notepad and/or a voice recorder. Most psychics are happy to have you record the session; however, because of the energy in the room, voice recorders don't always work. I have run into this problem myself. I had trouble with my digital voice recorder during my last two psychic interviews. So, be sure to bring a notebook and a pen as well as a tape recorder.

Second, if you have a specific topic you want to discuss, tell the psychic at the beginning of the reading. Psychics can tell you about a wide variety of things, but they won't know to focus on a specific area, such as health or career, unless you let them know that is why you have come to them. One of the psychics told me that when you ask a question, it opens your energy and allows someone to give you an answer.

Third, if you have several specific questions, write them down and bring a list of questions with you. While there may not be enough time to answer all of your questions, you would be disappointed if you left a session then remembered a specific question you had wanted to ask.

Fourth, try to come to a reading with an open heart and an open mind. When people are "closed down," it makes it difficult for a reader to connect with that person's spirit. It's okay to have a healthy skepticism, but try to be open to the discussion. After all, you are the person who is seeking out the psychic, not the other way around!

When discussing the need for keeping an open mind, another one of the psychics told me that there is more that we don't know about human consciousness than we do know. There are possibilities out there and even if it isn't the norm to have miracles and healings, they do happen. She added that people who come for readings should try to be open to exploring the limits of human potential and consciousness.

Fifth, people can ask the Higher Realms for the information which they seek. They can also ask for specific people who have already passed to come through at a reading. There are no guarantees as to who will show up, but it doesn't hurt to talk to your loved one before the session and ask them to try to come through. However, remember to listen to, and enjoy, whoever does come through. Try not to be so focused on hearing a specific message that you miss the rest of the reading.

Finally, different psychics have different styles and unique tools. Some psychics tap into broad energy and give verbal information and advice. Other psychics provide specific tools to help people achieve their goals. One of the psychics I interviewed provides flower essence energies which help clients to achieve specific goals. The clients come to her with an issue they would like to work on, and she uses her intuitive abilities to provide the tools to help them achieve the results they seek. In a case like this, when clients are working on a specific issue, she notes that it is important for people to be very clear about what they want. It is often easier to say what is wrong than it is to pin down what people really want. Clients have to know what their answer feels like. She tells me that she is forcing people to jump on board with the Law of Attraction and to create what they want. Then she can put that solution in a physical form that they can ingest or spray to hold their vibration at a specific level. Then they can vibrate, and use the Law of Attraction, to attract what they want.

I hope to see you at the Psychic Fair this Sunday!


September 17, 2008

How do you pick the psychic who is best for you?

I am often asked how to pick the best psychic for a reading. There are two situations where a person might be interested in selecting a psychic: (1) at a Psychic Fair, where the short readings are a sample of the psychic's work; and (2) when seeking a full, personal reading.

In the first situation, the Psychic Fair, the customer should look around the room and see if they are immediately drawn to someone. If not, they should pick up the "Who's Who" listing and see if anyone listed sparks their interest. Every psychic has different gifts and talents. If the client wants to connect with a dead relative, they should look for a psychic who is a medium. Then, if there are choices of mediums, they should base their decision on how they feel about the person. If they feel aligned with the reader, they will probably get a good reading.

Similarly, if they want to know what their future might hold, they should look for a psychic who can see the future. Again, if there is a choice, they should briefly talk to several readers and see who they feel the most comfortable with.

If a client is interested in a certain type of tool, they should look for a reader who uses that tool. For example, if they want a reading based on numerology, they should look for a numerologist. If they are interested in a card reading, they should go to a card reader. However, many of the psychics have told me that the tool a psychic uses isn't nearly as important as the talent of the reader.

Here are a few more tips from the psychics:

When a person walks into the Psychic Fair and doesn't know which reader to select, they should calm themselves down to their center and say, "Whoever feels right, pull me in that direction," and their Spirit Guide will pull them in that direction. They should select someone who they like, someone who they feel they can talk to, and someone who has their best interest at heart. The client should look for an affirmation in their solar plexus indicating that they have selected the correct reader.

In addition, if a person doesn't feel drawn to anyone, they don't have to pick a reader that day. No pressure.

Another psychic told me that it doesn't really matter who a client picks as long as they connect the with the reader.

A person may have to circle the room a couple of times, until they find the psychic who resonates with them. It could be as simple as a reader looking up and smiling and making them feel relaxed. Or, it could be someone leaving a reading saying excitedly, "I can't believe what I heard" that makes a new client want to select that reader.

If you would like a full psychic reading and are seeking a psychic you have never met before, there are a couple of tips for finding a good reader. First, ask a friend who has had a good experience for a recommendation.

Second, interview several psychics over the phone to see if you feel a connection. The reader should tell you about their credibility and mention their return rate. How you feel when you talk to them is also important. Pick someone who you like and respect.

Third, the psychics have suggested that the moment a reader starts getting bossy, or rude, or judgmental, or you feel that there is some sort of ego in there, walk away. If the psychic asks too many questions, walk away. Some psychics ask leading questions and do cold readings and that is a waste of money. If they try to sell you something, run!

Finally, if the first reader you try isn't great, find someone else. There are many good readers out there and once you find someone you like, you can receive a world of information.


September 11, 2008

September Psychic Fair

Hello again.  The September Psychic Fair was held last Sunday and it was terrific.  The room was crowded and the psychics were busy all day. This event is really catching on!

I was at the Psychic Fair to collect information from clients on what they expected and what they thought so that I could research the client-side of the psychic process.  Thanks to the 38 people who filled out the questionnaire!  Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

This is some of the information which I collected:

Twenty of the clients were first-timers at the Psychic Fair; sixteen people had been to previous Psychic Fairs.

Most of people came to talk to general (?) psychics, but some people were specifically interested in talking with healers, mediums, numerologists, and channelers.

Eight people made a list of questions before talking to a psychic; twenty-six people did not.

Most people were excited and curious when they came to the Psychic Fair, but a few were anxious or fearful.

I also asked the question, "On a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being "Total Skeptic" and 10 being "Total Believer," where would you fit in?  The average of the answers was 8.55.  I guess it made sense that most of the people who came to the Fair were believers. Interestingly, I talked with several clients who were also psychics.  They had come to the Fair because they wanted confirmation of things they already knew. I guess it is a sign of trustworthiness when psychics come to talk to psychics!

In addition to talking to clients, I am also gathering information from psychics.  Earlier this week, I sat down and talked to a sixth psychic and she was fabulous.  Each of the psychics has a different perspective and a different range of talents. 

In my next blog entry, I am going to discuss some of the questions (and answers), which the psychics have shared with me.

Any feedback? I would love to hear from you!


Thursday, September 4, 2008

Upcoming Psychic Fair

Hello.  I will be at the Tucson Psychic Fair this Sunday at the Windmill Inn (River Road at Campbell).  I want to talk to clients at the Fair to find out what they are thinking, and what they expect, when they come to a Psychic Fair.  Are they excited?  Are they nervous?  Do they have a specific question in mind, or do they just want to find out what a psychic has to say? I wonder what preconceived notions people have about psychics.  I know I had a few preconceived notions when I started this project, and a few of them have fallen by the wayside.

Originally, I thought that psychics lived lives of ease, always knowing what was coming.  What I have discovered is that psychics live real lives with real challenges.  Sometimes they know what is going to happen, but they don't know what to do with the information.  Do they tell the people who are involved or do they allow those people to learn their own life lessons?  It is an interesting question.

At the Fair, I have had people tell me that a psychic refused to read for them and that they were frightened that it meant that the psychic didn't want to tell them that something terrible was going to happen to them.  What does it mean when a psychic says that they can't read for you?  Nothing.  It just means that at that particular moment there wasn't a connection. Or, it can mean that there is a different psychic at the Fair who would be better able to convey the message you need to hear.  The psychics have told me that sometimes they know that a different psychic has just the right words, or the heart-connection, that a client needs.  Perhaps, a different reader can say things in just the right way that the person will really understand what they need to hear. Often, one psychic will send a client to a different psychic.  That is all it means. So don't worry if a psychic says that they can't read for you at a particular time. Just find someone else.

If you are in Tucson, come down and enjoy the Fair!


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

What I have learned so far

I don't consider myself to be "psychic" or "intuitive."  I am a regular person who is very curious about psychics and how they know the things they know.  In the past, I have had psychic readings, some of which have been helpful and some of which haven't panned out at all.  It is an adventure.  I don't take the readings too seriously, but I do use them as a jumping off point for personal introspection. If a psychic tells me something about myself, I take the time to think about whether or not it is true.  Either way, their reading has helped me think about my personal development.  Yes, I am one of those people who is always thinking, always evaluating, always wondering how best to use the life I have.

So, here I am on My Psychic Search.  I am hoping to discover whatever it is that psychics are able to tap into.  Perhaps I will figure out how to tap into it myself.  In the meantime, I am listening to the psychics as they share their stories with me.  I can't say that what they tell me is real or true, or that you should believe it.  I can tell you that it is real and true for them.  If you are as curious about psychic phenomena as I am, maybe we can both learn something from this project, and this will become part of your Psychic Search.  If you are skeptical, maybe this project will help you to see that psychics are very similar to you and me; they are real people, with real personal issues to work through, who are able to tap into a deep sense of knowing things.

So far, I have interviewed five psychics for this project.  Just so we all understand, "psychic" is a broad term which encompasses people who can see the future, communicate with the dead, communicate with entities which are not in this physical world, and help with healing.  Each psychic has their own area of expertise. Most of the people who I have spoken with don't care for the word "psychic" because it is often associated with people who take money and don't really help their clients. Most of the people I have talked to prefer to be called "Intuitives" or "Readers."  Across the board, they have told me that their mission is to help people; that is why they do what they do publicly.  Personally, they do what they do because it is who they are.  However, life could be easier if they kept their gifts to themselves; society doesn't always treat people who have intuitive talents very well (remember the Salem witch trials?). People who are working as psychics, at least the ones I have interviewed, are going public with what they do because they find it very rewarding to help other people sort out their lives.

At this point, I am only working with the information from five psychics so I don't have a very large pool of people to tell you about, but I wanted to share my initial impressions with you.  I will interview more psychics and add to this blog after I learn more.  This is what I have learned so far.

It seems that when people with intuitive abilities are born, they are "just kids" and are completely accepting of whatever life has to offer.  However, at some young age, they discover that they think differently from other kids and that if they don't hide it, the other kids will make fun of them. They begin to hide their abilities from others and it makes them feel separate from other people.  Most of them don't even know what it is that makes them think differently.  They don't know that other kids don't have friends that can't be seen by most people (a.k.a., spirits), and there isn't an adult in their family who understands what is going on and can help the child understand that they are not crazy (which is what society tells them).  They have difficult childhoods and difficult young-adulthoods.  Eventually, someone helps them to understand that they are not crazy, they are intuitive.  Then . . . they blossom into their authentic selves.

Once the Intuitives have accepted that they are different, and that they can tap into something which can help other people, they come to understand that this is one reason why they are here on Earth -- to help other people.  At least that is how it has worked (generally) for the Intuitives with whom I have spoken.  Remember, the people I have spoken with are the ones who are willing to be public about their gifts.

In addition to helping other people, the Intuitives are also here to learn their own life lessons. They believe that every soul is here to experience life on Earth, to grow and to evolve.  Just like you and me, they may be challenged to learn about self-esteem, or about trust, or about interpersonal relationships.  These challenges help their souls to evolve.  There is broad acceptance of the theory of re-incarnation and a deep knowing that there is more to life than a single lifetime here on Earth.

Do you agree?  Let me know what you think.


Monday, August 4, 2008

Psychic Fair in August

August's Psychic Fair was held yesterday and, as always, it was great fun.  In the past, I had set up at the Psychic Fair to sell my "Wild Girl!" pins and cards, and my "(Slightly Wild) Angels."  You can see some of these items at, although I am in the middle of re-doing that website and there aren't very many photos yet.  This is a photo of me and my table at the Psychic Fair in Tucson, Arizona.


Yesterday, in addition to selling my pins and cards, I was able to talk to the psychics, readers and healers about participating in My Psychic Search project.  It was tremendously exciting when seven (seven!) psychics agreed to talk with me so that I could share their stories with you.  Over the next few months, I will sit down with each of these talented people and find out what being psychic has meant in their lives.  I am so curious!  I am coming to the understanding that people who are not psychic are amazed by the people who just know things, and that the people who are psychic may not understand what it is like not to know hidden things.

So far, I have sat down with four psychics to hear their stories and each story has been very different from the other stories.  Some psychics know where their information comes from, others are happy to live in the mystery of not knowing where it comes from.  One thing that they do have in common is that they have had these intuitive gifts since they were small children.  They may have had to work to cultivate their abilities, but they were born with a basic "knowing."  

One of the tips I was given to share with clients is that it is helpful if you have a good idea of what you want to learn from a reading.  For example, if you sit in front a reader and say, "Just tell me anything," they can tell you many things, but they might not provide the information you are really seeking.  Instead, if you ask specific questions, or at least provide an area (love, money, travel, etc.) for which you want information, they may be able to provide more-specific information.  One reader told me that reading for someone can be like looking at a map.  If the readers don't know where you want to go, they may take you down the wrong road.  It's a perfectly fine road, and the information is solid, it's just not the road that takes you where you want to go. On the other hand, if they know where you want to go, they just might be able to get you there in no time at all.

That's all for now.  Thanks for checking in with me!  Let me know if you have comments, questions, or want to be added to my e-mailing list.  


 July 29, 2008

This is the first website I have created, and my first blog.  I am excited about the whole experience!

If you want to find out more about this project, or see my "Wild Girl!" pins and cards, please visit me at the Psychic Fair, this Sunday, August 3, at the Windmill Inn (River Road at Campbell Avenue).


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