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About Me


I am a local artist, product developer and scientist, and I am very curious about psychics and how they know what they know. I have had some interesting and helpful psychic readings, and I have had some duds. Either way, it's been a cosmic adventure. 

Since 2008, I have been interviewing psychics about their lives and their abilities. I have heard fascinating stories about how the psychics discovered that they were psychic (not crazy) and what it is like to live a psychic life.

I read and hear that "anyone can tap into their psychic abilities," but I am not so sure. It seems that most people who have this talent were either born with it or experienced a trauma which opened their abilities. I have spent years meditating and trying to develop my own intuition and I am just beginning to hear messages from my Spirit Guides. I have discovered that my Guides have a sense of humor. Who knew?

I live in Tucson, Arizona, with my husband, my dog, and two college-age daughters who come and go. I spent years at home raising my children, but I always kept a hand in some kind of brain-expanding activity so that I didn't become overwhelmed with motherhood. I volunteered at school, I created artwork and products, and I talked to psychics. When I realized how much wisdom the psychics were sharing with me, I decided that I needed to bring their stories to light and share their wisdom. The focus of My Psychic Search Project is sharing the direct experiences of people who know things that I don't know and that I can only imagine. Through their stories and experiences, I expanded my own knowledge. Now I share what I know, as well as my writing and publishing journey, through the blogs on this site and my book: My Psychic Search: Discovering what psychics do, what psychics know, and how they can help us improve our lives.

My life has been enhanced through this work and I hope that your life will also be enhanced by reading the blogs and the book. Come with me on My Psychic Search.

Any questions or comments? Contact me at

Gail Kushner

Come see my artwork! I make more than 200 styles of "Wild Girls!"

Wild Girl Artist

My Goals
  • To talk to working psychics, intuitives, readers and healers to discover what they do and how they do it. Not just read a book, but talk to people who work in this field and live psychic lives. 
  • To talk to clients, and potential clients, to find out what they expect from a reading and how their previous readings have impacted their lives.
  • To bridge the gap between psychics and curious community members.

My Psychic Search * Tucson, Arizona * USA * Phone: (520) 544-4690 

Copyright 2018, Gail Kushner