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Featured Interview

 Trish Silay

Intuitive, The One Brain System

Interviewed in January 2009


As a child, Trish Silay had intuitive abilities, but she was told that they were just her imagination. She tried to live a "normal" life, but never felt that she fit in. As an adult, Trish discovered the One Brain system which helped her integrate both sides of her brain. As soon as she began using both sides of her brain, she was able to connect to her Higher Self. Now, when working with clients, Trish feels as if she is an open vessel. She can connect to her client's physical, mental, emotional, or essence self, in order to assist their healing. Trish uses the One Brain system to help clients clear their issues.

My questions are in Italics and Trish's answers are in the regular font.

Psychic Development and the One Brain Work

I know you work with the One Brain system, but I don't know if you consider yourself to be a psychic.

I don't think of myself as a psychic.

How long have you been doing your work in the Tucson area?

I just moved to Tucson a year ago. Before moving here, I lived in Oracle, AZ, for five years. Before that, I was in Oregon for 18 years. I began working with the One Brain system while I was in Oregon.

How did you know that you had special abilities?

When I was younger, I recognized that I had some abilities, but I didn't understand them. I saw things like fairies, but I didn't know what they were. It scared me, and my mother told me it was just my imagination. When someone tells you it's only your imagination, and it scares you, you shut it down. Imagination can equal intuition and other abilities.

It took me a while to get back to what I know I am, and to begin with this work called One Brain. Once I began using One Brain, it helped me to integrate both sides of my brain. I was more right-brain dominated (intuitive and imaginative) than left-brain dominated and I would not go into the left-brained world of practical things. I tried to stay in the right-brained world which is a very confusing place for adults. It is mostly children who are right-brained. Being right-brained is about intuition, imagination, and not having fear. Imagining things became more of a fantasy than anything else.

How did you manage?

I thought I was crazy! I couldn't understand what to do with myself. I was a mother and I focused on that. It brought me craziness because I felt that I didn't fit into the world. When you ask if I am psychic, I respond that we all have psychic abilities which we may, or may not, know that we have. The One Brain system opened that psychic aspect for me, but I don't come from a place of saying it's "psychic." It's about empowerment. Once you can tune in to your own Higher Self, those abilities come out.

What is the One Brain system?

The One Brain system works with muscle testing to diffuse the emotional body, on a cellular level, of what we believe we are. We have stories about our own belief systems, and those belief systems block us from being fully who we are. 

What does muscle testing have to do with this?

Muscle testing provides bio-feedback from the body system. I use muscle testing to get information from the body. I work with the client's body to clear issues by accessing their information. I don't know what someone's truth is, or their story, but their body knows it. I use muscle testing to gather information. It is the body's validation of the person's own truth.

If someone comes to you, does this work take a single session or many sessions?

One session (about an hour and half) can clear a lot of things. It age-recesses the person back to the time when their body changed. I access the time when the person began to feel a certain way about an event and began doing something based on survival. Our belief system helps us with survival and it blocks us from our truth. I can clear the blocks and diffuse the emotional energy around the blocks. When a person experiences the emotional energy, they are reacting, not responding, to life.

This is a new concept for me.

This system has been around for 27 years even though most people have not heard about it. Most people hear about Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), such as tapping. I have been working with the One Brain system for 25 years. I had an incredible practice in Oregon where I was teaching this system. Here, in Tucson, it's a whole new way of offering this information.

How did you end up in Tucson?

A friend of mine lived in Tucson. Her mother had this house. When her mother passed away, I helped my friend to clean this house and clear it out. In the process of moving things out, I connected to her mother's spirit and she brought me the message that if we were to live here, we would be helping my friend and we would also be helped. This was the place we needed to be to expand ourselves. It was through this spirit energy that we chose to move here. Now, we feel that this is a good place to be.

Do you travel to do readings or do you stay in the Tucson area?

I can travel and I also do phone readings.

This works over the phone? What about the muscle-testing?

I can muscle-test myself. It's like pendulum work. I muscle test myself as a surrogate, then I work over the phone. I recently worked with man from Oregon over the phone. He was in a sad space. We worked over the phone for an hour and a half and he transformed. It was amazing. I know it works over the phone.

How and when did you know you had psychic abilities? Did you have a mentor?

I knew I had psychic abilities as a child. I knew I was going to be in a health-related field, but I didn't know what I was going to do. When I began doing the One Brain work, I began to develop my creative powers. The One Brain system was my "mentor."

How did you find out about the One Brain work?

Both of my stepsons were dyslexic and I was told that if I did Touch for Health, and the One Brain work, it would help them. It could clear dyslexia. I took the One Brain courses to help them, but they really helped me.

* * *

The complete interview was available for free on this page for several weeks. It is still available as a 99 cent Kindle e-book. Click here to purchase the e-book.


For more information on Trish, you can call her at 520-886-1239, or contact her at

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