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The Book

Only $19.95
Available in
Paperback and Kindle E-Book Formats

This cover won the contest!

It's here! The book, My Psychic Search: discovering what psychics do, what psychics know, and how they can help us improve our lives, is now available in print and as a Kindle e-book!

If you have read the blogs, you have a hint as to what is in the book. But it's only a hint. The book has more-complete information than the blogs, and is organized in a very readable way.

The first Section, The Introduction, contains information on each of the people who participated in this Project.

The second Section, Life as a Psychic, discusses what it is like to be strongly psychic. The psychics talk about their invisible information sources, the pros and cons of psychic ability, and how they figured out that they were psychic. 

The third Section is all about Readings, Healings and Energy Work. The psychics tell us what to expect from a reading, how readings work, who they communicate with, and what to do with the information we hear at a reading. There are also hints for finding the best reader for each person's needs. 

The fourth section, The Wheel of Incarnation, provides thought-provoking insights on life, death, the afterlife, re-incarnation and the reasons people are here on Earth. Highlights from a stunning psychic-channeling event are included in this discussion.

The fifth section is about The Future. It includes strategies for developing your own psychic abilities and also talks about the year 2012 and all of the anticipated changes. Each psychic has a unique perspective on 2012 and these perspectives can help the rest of us prepare for the Future. 

The book is written in a Question and Answer format so you can go directly to the questions which intrigue you. Questions include: What do psychics tap into? How do they know they are receiving "outside" information and not just imagining the answers? What is it like to work with Spirit Guides?, and, After dying, where do we go?
The Table of Contents is shown below.

The book is more than 350 pages long and the paper version costs $19.95. You can order right now by clicking the "Buy Now" button. If you are not signed up for PayPal, use the site as a Guest.

If you are more comfortable using, the book is available on that site too.
Orders for printed books can only be accepted for mailing addresses in the United States.
If you prefer a Kindle e-book, order it here. The e-book is only $4.99! 
If you live in Tucson, you can purchase the book at Carefree Computers, 4245 W. Ina Road, Suite 103, at SpiritsChild Metaphysical Gift Shop on Orange Grove Road at Thornydale Road, and at Antigone Books on 4th Avenue in downtown Tucson, AZ.
Thanks for your support!

My Psychic Search
Table of Contents

Preface - How Psychics have Influenced my Life . . . for the Better

Section I An Introduction to the Project, the Words, the Psychics

Chapter 1 - Introduction

Who am I? Why am I working on this Project?

What am I doing?

Who should read this book?

A model for this Project

What will people think of me? Is this the psychics' dilemma?

Why do I talk to psychic readers?

A few notes on how the book is written

What do the psychics know about why we are here on Earth?

Check the website and blog for current study information, presentation dates

Chapter 2 - The Language of Psychics

People who bring in Information

What is a psychic?

Do the words psychic, intuitive, gifted, reader, channeler, spiritual counselor, Medium, shaman, empath, animal communicator, energy worker, healer and Light Worker mean the same thing?

Should all of these workers fall under the term "Connectors" or the term "PRISMS"?

Sources of Information

What about the term "God"?

What about the words "Spirits," "Spirit," and "Spirit Guides"?

Who are the Ascended Masters?

What are angels?

What about the phrase "Higher Self"?

Does it matter where information comes from?

Related Definitions

What does the word "Psi" mean?

What is Ascension?

Psychic Abilities and Tools

What do people with psychic abilities have to offer?

     Psychic Readings
     Energy Work

Do psychics all do the same thing or do they have specialties?

Why do PRISMS do this work?

Do psychics use tools when they do their work?

Psychic Skills Checklist

Chapter 3 - Psychic Snapshots

1) Patricia Kirkman - Numerologist, Intuitive
2) Cecilia Nemmers - Psychic
3) Cynthia Rae - Intuitive Empowerment
4) Beth Hays - Flower Essence Practitioner
5) Gina Stanfill - Intuitive, Reiki Master
6) Leah Taylor - Psychic, Medium, Medical Intuitive
7) Richard Schickel - Psychic, Medical Intuitive, Healer
8) Shirli Millmond - Psychic, Life Coach
9) To-Ree'-Nee' Wolf - Energy Tracker
10) Erik Assman - Empath, Reiki Master, Spiritual Counselor
11) Cherie Fraine - Psychic, Reiki Master
12) Trish Silay - Intuitive, The One Brain System
13) Laurie Hays - Spiritual Intuitive, Psychic
14) Kat Riegel - Animal Communicator
15) Marta Taylor - Energy Sensitive
16) Jeff Sonnenburg - Psychic, Financial Advisor, ChildFinders
17) Rhonda Harford - Astrologer
18) Raquel Spencer - Spiritual Teacher, Multi-Dimensional Energy Specialist
19) Jan Class - Holy Spirit Communicator
20) Denise Singerline - Medium, Reiki Master, Chakra-Balancing Specialist
21) Delphina Nova - Native American Dreamer and Wisdomkeeper,
Spiritual Healer, Geo-Empath, Animal Messenger, Author
22) Marianne Patyk - Medium
23) Jackie Chin - Professional Psychic Advisor
24) Gigi Sample - Psychic Counselor

My perspective on the interviews

Section II Life as a Psychic (Psychic Synthesis)

Chapter 4 - Figuring things Out

What is it like to be a psychic child?

How did people figure out that they were psychic?

Where does their gift come from?

Can we draw any conclusions from these answers?

Can PRISMS turn their abilities on and off, or are they on all of the time?

Chapter 5 - Working with Invisible Partners

What do psychics tap into?

Which sources are used when reading for clients?

What is it like to work with Spirit Guides?

Where are Spirit Guides located?

How can psychics tell if information is coming from an outside source, or from their own imagination?

Do readers think G-d is involved in their work?

Chapter 6 - The Pros and Cons of Psychic Ability

What are the pluses and minuses of being psychic? Of working as a psychic?

The Challenge of Honoring your Intuition

Even with all of the pros and cons, are psychics generally pleased to have these abilities or are they a burden?

Do PRISMS have easy lives?

An empath answers: Would you prefer not to be psychic?

Chapter 7 - Being Psychic

Do most psychics think the same way or does each psychic have a different perspective?

Do psychics feel safer, or more vulnerable, when they know things that other people don't know?

Do many psychics have near-death experiences?

How do psychics improve their skills?

What feelings do psychics pick up from other psychics when they meet?

Are there limits to what psychics can do?

Can psychics be jerks?

When psychics think about their abilities, what do they see as their future?

Chapter 8 - The Personal Lives of Psychics

How does being psychic affect dating?

How does being psychic affect marriage?

How does being psychic affect parenting? What if the children are psychic too?

How does being psychic affect extended family relationships?

Chapter 9 - Psychics in the Workplace

Do most PRISMS have "day jobs"? How does being psychic affect their jobs? Does this ability make a person a better artist? a better accountant? a computer whizz?

Do the most-successful people use intuitive abilities in a business setting?

Section III - Readings, Healings and Energy Work

Chapter 10 - Thinking about a Psychic Reading

Is a Reading a Good Idea?

Why do people go to psychic readers? What are the benefits?

What do clients expect when they come for readings?

What should clients expect when they come for readings?

Finding a Reader

How can someone find the best person to read for them?

Are there ways for a potential client to tell if a psychic is legitimate?

Do readings work over the phone?

How long does a reading take?

Apprehension and Skepticism

Are there tips for people who are too scared to have a reading?

How can someone put aside their fear?

Do psychic readings work even if someone doesn't believe they are

Are there tips for people who are skeptical?

Chapter 11 - Preparing for a Reading

How do psychics prepare for readings?

Do psychics protect themselves when they do readings?

What should a client do to prepare for a reading?

Chapter 12 - Tools of the Psychic Trade

Why do readers use cards, candles or other tools when they do readings?

Chapter 13 - All About Readings

The Actual Reading

What happens at a reading?

Are we all connected?

Can psychics see the future?

What do people ask about? Are there common themes and topics?

Why do people ask these questions? What kinds of answers are they seeking? How do the psychics respond to the questions?

Why can't we know the lottery numbers?

Do clients already know the answers?

How can a client get the most from a reading?

How do psychics make their clients feel comfortable even when they have to deliver bad news?

Do readings affect how the psychics feel? their emotions?

How do psychics feel when they know things about other people?

What does it mean when a psychic says that they can't read for someone?

Can most psychics read most people?

After the Reading

What should a client do with the information they hear at a reading?

Do psychics remember what they tell clients?

What else might be involved in a reading?

Chapter 14 - Accuracy

How accurate are the psychics?

Without formal testing, how do the psychics know if they are any good?

Why don't most psychics follow up with clients after readings?

Scientific Measurement

Chapter 15 - Energy and Healing Work

Why do people benefit from energy work?

Where are the chakras located?

What is energy work?

What is Reiki?

What happens at a Reiki session?

Do readers do other kinds of energy work?

Did the psychics provide examples of healing work?

Chapter 16 - Animal Communication

Can psychics communicate with animals?

How does animal communication work?

What about animal communication as a specialty?

Can psychics communicate with animals in their natural environment?

Section IV The Wheel of Incarnation or Life Continues (for us and our Pets) and it Circles Back Around

Chapter 17 - Death and Dying

What happens at the moment of death?

What do the psychics' near-death experiences tell us? What did they actually experience?

Does dying hurt?

Do we have a choice when to leave?

Can psychics help people who are dying?

How can people deal with loved ones who are dying?

Are psychics comfortable with death?

Chapter 18 - Between Lives

After dying, where do we go?

Where is "the other side"?

Do Heaven and Hell exist?

What happens to "bad" people?

What happens to people who commit suicide?

What do people do between lives?

Do the psychics remember what they did between lives?

Do our personalities change on the other side?

Can we eat chocolate on the other side or should we just eat it now?

What is the difference between a ghost and a spirit?

Why do ghosts stay on Earth?

Do psychics see ghosts and spirits?

Is it frightening to see a ghost?

What happens when psychics visit hospitals?

Can psychics contact our loved ones who have crossed to the other side?

Chapter 19 - Reincarnation

Is reincarnation generally accepted?

Why do people come back to Earth?

Can we go to other places to reincarnate and learn our lessons?

Do souls come back to Earth even after they have learned their lessons?
Who are the "volunteers"?

What role does Karma play?

Do we see our friends again in subsequent lifetimes?

A few words about Autism

Chapter 20 - Life on Earth

Why are we here on Earth?

Do we have contracts for each lifetime?

Why do things happen in our lives the way that they do?

What lessons are we here to learn and how do we learn them?

Why do we choose situations which we really don't like?

Can we change the roles we are playing, the lives we are living?


Chapter 21 - Past Lives

Do the psychics remember their past lives?

Can psychics help people remember their past lives?

Are we living simultaneous lifetimes right now?

Chapter 22 - Animals After Life on Earth

Where do animals (and our pets) go after they die? Do their souls live on?

Can we contact our deceased pets?

Can deceased pets initiate contact with us?

Do animals experience reincarnation?

Do animals always come back as animals or can they evolve?

What else might animals do once they have crossed over?

Section V The Future

Chapter 23 - Developing Your Psychic Abilities

Do most people have intuition?

How can people develop their own intuitive connections?

Chapter 24 - Looking Forward to 2012

What do psychics think will happen in 2012?

Can PRISMS help heal the world?

What can people do to help with the 2012 transition?

What is "Ascension"?

Looking forward

My Interpretation

Section VI - Conclusion

Chapter 25 - Conclusion

Section VII - References

Chapter 26 - Glossary

Chapter 27 - Information Sources and Contact Information

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