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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Acting as Light

Acting as Light

We each come to Earth as a complete unit of light to illuminate our corner of the world. We meet with other lights to help each other, to sustain each other, and to empower each other. When observed from a higher level, together we form an even bigger unit of light. We create something greater than our individual brightness.

After death, we continue to be bright energy lights without bodies.


11:55 am mst

Thursday, January 25, 2018

A Ball of Love and My Dog

A Ball of Love and My Dog

What was this?

A few months ago, I was taking an afternoon nap, but I wasn't quite awake or asleep. I was in between. I was wandering that lovely space between awake and asleep. Suddenly, I felt a ball of love rising in my heart. A big ball of love. Surging, growing, exploding. It felt wonderful. I wanted to lay there and enjoy it, but I heard a tapping. Tap. Tap. Tap. What was that?

Oh! I realized the tapping was coming from down the hall. My dog was in distress. Perhaps her metal tags were hitting the floor, making that tapping sound? I popped up and ran to her. She was having a seizure! Arms and legs spasming. Drooling. Vomiting yellow bile. My baby!

I sat with Maggie and comforted her. I stroked her. I talked her through this. I called the rest of the family and everyone came to sit with her. She was stuck in a convoluted posture with her head resting on her left thigh. She couldn't move her limbs. She was in this position for about four hours before being able to relax.

Later that evening, she rose on wobbly legs and walked outside to pee. Then, we all went to bed, not sure what we would find in the morning.

Lucky for us, the next day she felt better. It took a couple of days for a full recovery, but she regained her strength.

So . . . what was this ball of love in my heart? Why did it come to me as our dog was having a seizure?

First Explanation

Do you remember that a few months ago I wrote about "Shared Death Experiences"? My first thought was that Maggie had been passing and had come to say good-bye. I was experiencing her passing as a ball of love. She loved me and I loved her. Then, she returned to her body, having had a doggie near-death experience.

Second Explanation

I asked my psychic friends about this experience and this was their impression: Spirit had known my dog was in distress and that I would be there to help her. Spirit had sent a ball of love and healing to me, so that I could run down the hall and use it to help Maggie. Spirit had empowered me with love and healing so this energy could be transferred to Maggie.

So cool. Being used as an instrument of love and healing. I like this explanation.

Has anyone else had this kind of experience? Does anyone have a feeling about what this was? A third explanation?

If you know something about this incident, please send your thoughts to me at



12:51 pm mst

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Life, Now and Later
Quotes from Psychics - Life, Now and Later

Cherie Fraine:

"The body is a transient thing so that the spirit can learn, experience, and grow in knowledge and understanding."

To-Ree'-Nee' Wolf:

"I believe that a person's existence continues after physical death. I have met too many people from the other side not to know that. People have come by to say good-bye. They absolutely continue on the other side."

1:56 pm mst

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Orbs, Extra Souls, and Success

Orbs, Extra Souls, and Success - Ideas from Karreen Martin

Over the last few months, Karreen shared a few ideas with me that I thought you might find interesting.

Orbs in Photographs

Karreen Martin says that the orbs seen in photographs can be ancestors, people who have crossed over, people who have passed (but not crossed over), Guides, or angels. She can't see them without a camera, but she can hear their prescence. When there is static in her hair, she knows they are very close.

Karreen says: Sometimes, the orbs are souls which need to cross to the Light. I call them in and help them cross over. I can tell them to get on the elevator up to a different vibration, a different level. Or, I can suggest they turn and go to the Light. Once they do that, all blocks are cleared and they move to a higher vibration. Eventually, they come back in for more lessons. You want to send everyone to the Light, karmically. No bad energies. Just send them off.

Spiritual Response Therapy

Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) is a system for connecting with your Guides and angels, and making sure your vibration is high. It clears program blocks and interferences. It even clears blockages from past lives. I can check issues by using a pendulum, charts, and graphs. I hear all this talk -- your Guides and my Guides - then, I clear whatever they tell me to clear.


When there is a difficulty between people, it may be a past-life energy. Say from your heart, "Whatever I've done to hurt you, I'm sorry." Forgiveness is about your healing. It's about you letting go of the energy so it doesn't keep coming back to you. You want to be free of it.

You can forgive others without needing to name them. Just forgive everyone.

Extra Helpers

Orbs can indicate souls which came in with someone because the person had something special to do in this lifetime. Maybe the souls watch over the person. We come in with extra souls, angels, and Guides who help us. They may know the difficulties or the challenges we are going to face.

Sometimes, these extra souls can cause confusion. They may get tired of being in your body. You may have completed what they came to help you with, and now they are stuck because you don't realize you can send them off. They may cause anxiety, fear, depression, drinking, or drugging. They are not meant to be stuck here.

In addition, if they have lived another lifetime and they want you to help them work through their issues, it's not your job to work through their stuff.

Just ask them to leave.


I think inner peace is success.


I don't believe in being broke. I want a car which runs, clothes, etc. On this earth plane, you can't live without money. What I learned through Spirit was you had to make sure your High Self Committee understood what money was. If you are not abundant, whatever abundance means to you, clear it. Look at those things. Shift and change them.

Picking up Scent

After he passed, I would smell my grandfather's Irish Spring. I would know when he was there. After he passed, my brother smelled like beer and cigarettes.

Karreen has a very good nose. She "nose" when souls walk by.

You can find out more about Karreen and her work at

You can see photos of orbs on the "Orbs" webpage. Click here to see the photos. 

I hope you found these ideas as interesting as I did. Let me know what you think.


11:25 am mst

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Support Systems
Quotes from Intuitives - Support Systems

Kermie Wohlenhaus

"People have at least two groups of spiritual helpers: Spirit Guides and Angels.

"The Spirit Guide group is usually a little bit closer in a person's energy field. Spirit Guides are on the astral plane, or what we commonly call "heaven." They have been human before. A person's grandmother who has passed over is probably in their Spirit Guide group. This group also includes Ascended Masters, like Christ and Buddha, Universal Teachers, pets, good friends, and many other spirits who have died. Since Spirit Guides have lived human lives, they usually retain the personality of their last incarnation.

"Spirit Guides do not have to know us to be in our group. They may be there for a special reason, or to be of service in our work. For example, if someone wants to be a poet, Edgar Allen Poe might be one of their Spirit Guides. They may have called in Edgar Allen Poe to help with their poetry, if he is available. People can have Spirit Guides for a variety of reasons.

"People also have an angel group. I call them the ‘angel band.' The most common theory, which I also believe, is that angels have never lived in a human body. Angels are a completely different species, created by the Divine to do Divine Will throughout the Universe. It's not just this planet; it's throughout creation. They have never before been human. They don't have the same evolutionary process as we do.

"The Guardian Angel is the director of each person's angel band, or group, and also helps with soul missions in this incarnation. People have different angels to call upon to help with their various needs."

Riverlark Scott

"Make sure you are part of your own support system."

10:27 am mst

Thursday, January 11, 2018

How Psychics "Know"

How Psychics "Know," Part 2*

I like to ask psychics how information comes to them. How do they know things? Today, Aitreyia and Jesse Ann Nichols George answer my question.


I talk directly to my Guides and angels, to the client's Guides and angels, and to their spirit.

I always say, "I don't want dead Uncle Fred guiding me." Dead aunts and uncles are great, but if they haven't cleaned themselves up after crossing over, they are going to give you what they think you need to hear. If you've had a bad day, they'll say, "Let's have a drink." On the other hand, an angel might suggest you look at the day, see what you learned from it, and think about what you might do differently the next time. You get totally different guidance from dead relatives than you might get from angels or Master Spirit Guides.

I talk with all of them. Some grandmas can be very opinionated. I'll relay the messages, but sometimes the Guides have to pull these people back because they are so opinionated and what they bring forth is not useful to the client.

Some readers go into a person's energy field to read them. I don't read people that way. I read by asking angels and Guides for information. The person's spirit shows me what I need to say.

I asked, "During readings, how does information come to you? Do you see it? Do you hear it?"

It happens in different ways. One reason why the readings are so unique has to do with the fact that I channel. Angels speak through me. I found that I would do a reading and the Virgin Mary would speak through me. Then, she would step out and [Archangel] Raphael would step in. Finally, I gave them permission to stay in my body. Now, when I do readings, they talk through me.

Also, I look away during readings because they send information into my third eye and my brain translates it. Sometimes, the information turns into words. Other times, it turns into pictures.

My Guides explained that the way I work, and perhaps the way most psychics work, is that we are like radios with antennae. I ask them to fine-tune my brain and to cut out the unnecessary information so that I can tune in with them.

When my Guides first appeared to me, I would go up in vibration and meet them. Living in this earth plane, I couldn't always hold that vibration. I had four young kids and I couldn't quite hear the Guides. I would come up, but I couldn't go more than halfway, and I couldn't quite hear them. I told them that they were going to have to meet me halfway, and my Guides started coming down in vibration. Basically, we have to match the vibration with our Guides.

Finally, I asked them to give me telepathy. The way I know it's them and not my Higher Self is if I ask a complete question and get all the words out, the answer is coming from my Higher Self or from another person's Higher Self. On the other hand, if I start to ask a question and I get the answer before I finish asking the question, I know the answer is coming from my Guides. That is how they started working with me in the early 1990s. That technique helped me differentiate between guidance from my Higher Self and information from my Guides.

Everyone wants to hear a voice, but the Guides have to lower themselves so far for a person to hear a voice, or a person has to raise their vibration so far, that's it is difficult to have clairaudience. Telepathy is easier to work with. [Explanation: Clairaudience means clear hearing. It is psychic perception through hearing. This can either sound like an inner voice or an actual voice. Telepathy is the ability to know thoughts.]

Jesse Ann Nichols George

I get visions and images. I hear responses to my questions. Sometimes I have a vision of someone I know. People often want me to describe the person I see, but the picture I see may not look like the person the client is thinking about. I may see their soul self or another aspect of them. I can describe the energy I see, but not the person's physical characteristics.

Sometimes I'll get a specific physical look, but a lot of times I'll get the energy, the transaction, the situation. I'll see an image, like seeing a person, which may (or may not) be what they looked like in real life. Sometimes I'll get a visual of a friend of mine and that will tell me everything I need to share.

I commented, "People are looking for the validation that you have connected to their relative. How can you provide the validation if you are not providing it through what they looked like?"

I let them know that I am tapping into their vibrational frequency. Sometimes I pick up the physical aspect. I usually affirm it with them based on the information provided by the spirit. I might have a phrase or a message. It's the phrase that the person used all of the time. It can be a challenge. I am amazed at how many times I get something and the client says, "Those are the exact words she used to use."

I see auras and energies. I can walk into a room and see something. I can sense things. Temperature changes are related to energies and I can feel those temperature changes. An energy which is draining or unhappy, which we might refer to as a Poltergeist or a ghost, can be felt as a cold spot.

I asked, "When you work with clients, do you connect directly with their energy or do you work with Spirit Guides? How does the communication work?"

I have anywhere from five to fifty conversations going on at once. My Spirit Guides give me information. Other energies and spirits pop up to share information. I have all of the client's Spirit Guides, and all of their relatives, around them. Then, other spirits in the environment show up to help. As a child, I had an amazing memory. Now, with the amount of information which is constantly coming in to me, I don't need to remember everything. I just have to be in the present moment.

It's similar to when people talk to you in person and all you have to absorb is one piece of information. Then, you go on-line and 20 people are instant-messaging you, and 50 e-mails are coming in. It's more than your mind can process. I've had times when I was doing readings and I had to tell everyone to be quiet for a minute. Just stop.

And, when you have a long lineage like mine and all of the ancestors show up, it's too much! I think, "If I could just lay down and go to sleep . . . " then all this other information comes up and I'm astral traveling and I'm living another life. It never really shuts down.

* How Psychics Know, Part 1, was posted November 30, 2017


Additional stories from psychics are available in the book, "My Psychic Search: discovering what psychics do, what psychics know, and how they can help us improve our lives." Click here for book ordering information.


11:31 am mst

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

The Hard Side of Sensitivity

The Hard Side of Sensitivity

Psychics have hard times too. Not to mention any names, but three people who have contributed to this work are in tough situations right now. It's financial, it's health, there are car accidents. It sucks. I want everyone to do well.

Being psychic can be tough. Some of these folks are so sensitive it makes life hard. It's one thing to be in a car accident and another thing to be unable to stay in an emergency shelter because of a sensitivity to the thoughts and vibrations of other residents.

It's one thing to lose a loved one, but another thing to fall into grief even while knowing that the other person's soul will be fine. They are missing the physical closeness, the conversation, and the life built together.

Being sensitive. Good in so many ways, but rough in others. I used to wish I was more psychic. I still crave that connection, but I see that it's not as easy as an outsider might think.

I hold each of these hurting friends in love and light, and hope they soon move through their challenging situations.


11:50 am mst

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Creative, Chaotic States


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(2) If you want to know what your new year holds, come talk with a psychic reader. The Mystic Messengers Psychic Fair will be this Sunday at the DoubleTree Inn at 445 South Alvernon Road in Tucson, AZ. The Fair runs from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. I will be there, selling books, chakra-balancing pendants, and pendulums. Come visit!

Chaotic, Creative States

I don't know what it is about this year, but it feels like a fresh start. I am at a point in my life where I can create anew. It feels great. I am moving into a new phase of life.

Are you feeling this too? Or, are you feeling chaos? To help you move through any turmoil, I want to share the highlights of a channeled message which addressed this feeling of chaos.

"Bring as much light as you can to your table, to your job, to your family, to your home, to the roads you drive, to the world.

"Your worlds which seem so in flux, are merely in the creative state. Creative states always seem a little chaotic.

"It's very nice when we can say, ‘I desire this and I am going to do something and it will manifest.' That is one way of creating. When you have become co-creators with the Divine, there is a whole other level of creation where that no longer is the MO. There are other ways of manifesting. Release your limiting beliefs and thoughts. Release the things which hold you back, which are no longer for your greatest good.

"A releasing of your body, mind, and spirit, will make room for ‘gifts greater than you know to ask.' It's important for you to know that it is out there and it is coming for you because you are worthy and you are magnetized.

"Do not be your own naysayer. Do not let anything or anyone disturb your peace of mind, starting with you."

I also heard that lots of people are going through "The Tower" things. "The Tower" is a Tarot card which indicates big life changes. Cars dying. People needing to move, etc.

The advice? "If you are dealing with things not being clear, think of slow motion. Spirit's got your back. You are going to fall. Don't rush. Spirit's got you. It's a flux time. Let them flux. You are going to land all right."

Let's finish any "falling" and move on in our lives. It's a new year. A fresh start.

Let me know what you think. You can always contact me at


1:33 pm mst

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Welcome to 2018

Welcome to 2018 Laughing

Happy new year to each of you.

I've been reflecting on 2017 and pondering 2018. Will I continue to do what I've always done? What will I add to my repertoire? What will I drop?

2016 was a year of things dropping out of my life. I let them go (not always graciously, but I let them go).

2017 was the year of "Moving Forward." I made progress, but didn't get as far as I thought I might. One thing of note is that our last child moved out in 2017. My husband and I are now "empty nesters" which gives us some freedom.

2018 is shaping up to be a year of expansion. I've let my life become a bit boxed in. It's time to expand the box and, perhaps, break out of it.

How about you? Are you thinking of your options?

In 2018, as noted in last week's blog, I am "Anticipating Joy." I am planning to lose some weight, be healthier, and take a trip or two. I will continue to blog twice each week, but maybe not as rigorously as in previous years. What does that mean? When I travel, I might skip a week. Scary thought, but liberating. I like to keep to some kind of a schedule.

I would like to write some shorter pieces about psychics and what they do. Not complete interviews, but snapshots of psychic lives. I also want to write longer pieces on various subjects. I like meeting people, hearing their stories, thinking about what I've heard, and writing. All good.

2018. Let's make it a powerful year in our lives.


2:01 pm mst

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